Well-known bodybuilder Justyn Vicky recently passed away at the age of 33. He was trying to squat 210 kg or 462.97 lbs when he was hit with the weight bar, leading to his death. The incident’s video has already gone viral on the internet.

Gym and physical fitness center The Muscle Pit, which is located in Venice Beach, shared a post on Facebook. They started by writing that it was a sad accident and continued:

“Just remember to squat in a power rack so you can escape safely. There are many other great leg exercises that are much safer and don’t damage your vertebrae. Be careful when you train!”

What happened to Justyn Vicky inside the gym?

On July 15, Justyn Vicky was reportedly performing a 210 kg back squat and had been struggling with the exercise since he started. However, the weight bar slipped at one point when he was in a lower position, pressing onto his neck and leading to an injury.

The video of the incident reveals that Vicky was being helped by a spotter to perform the exercise. Vicky fell on the lap of the spotter after he fell forward with the bar rolling by the back of his neck.

Although Vicky was immediately hospitalized, he died despite several efforts by medical experts to save his life. The incident happened inside the fitness center Paradise Bali in Sanur.

There have been similar incidents in the past, but fortunately, the bodybuilders have managed to survive.

Powerlifting star Jason Whittaker once attempted to squat 400 kg, and while he was struggling with the weight, the barbell rolled through his head to the front. He was not injured due to his spotter, who immediately took action to avoid any serious injuries.


Fitness influencer Bradley Martin was pressing a woman until she fell on him. Martyn had to be taken to the hospital and had to get around 10 stitches inside the mouth. YouTube personality Darren Watkins Jr. was trapped on the barbell as he performed an exercise but managed to escape. Another bodybuilder named Charles Griffen had a torn pec due to dumbbell bench presses.

Justyn Vicky was a bodybuilder and personal trainer

Justyn Vicky was born in East Java, Indonesia, but his date of birth has yet to be revealed. Vicky accumulated a huge fanbase with his Instagram page, where he had more than 20,000 followers.

He was seen performing different exercises in the pictures and videos he shared online. He also posted his workout videos on Facebook. Immediate information on his family is currently unavailable.

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