In a 1,800 square foot space lined with treadmills, squat racks, weight benches, medicine balls, a nutrition bar and a wide space for aerobic and boot camp style workouts, Dacia Mays’ dream of having her own youth fitness studio has finally manifested. 

Healthy Habits and Opportunities, or H20, had its grand opening on Saturday and is the first Black-owned youth fitness studio in Pensacola where youth are helped holistically through working out, nutrition advice, and a focus on their overall health, according to Mays.

Even though there is an emphasis on losing weight, Mays says she also wants to teach youth about enjoying the journey and finding balance in life. 

“I try to talk to my kids about that all the time. Yes, your goal may be to lose 10 pounds, but it’s okay to enjoy where you are right now as well,” Mays said. “And so we’re working hard on achieving that goal, but it’s okay to take a minute sometimes to say, ‘Hey, I’m proud of myself.’”

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