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batman v s 0x20c5).html]. download it.ch.[Cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin–new agents in haematology].
Chemotherapy has been playing an important role in the treatment of malignancies and also in the treatment of autoimmune diseases for decades. Until recently, alkylating agents–mainly cyclophosphamide and bleomycin–were the most important drugs used in the treatment of various types of hematological malignancies, including multiple myeloma, acute leukemias and lymphomas. However, they show severe side effects and most often secondary cancer is the result of treatment. The action of the most used cytotoxic drugs has been discussed in several oncological journals and two new agents–doxorubicin and cytarabine–are discussed in this review.El día de la jubilación de Lucila Rodríguez Zamora no fue celebrado oficialmente en el Parlamento. Una inscripción en la memoria de los fallecidos de los diputados del Congreso pidiendo la asunción de una mujer como Primera Dama fue el mensaje adhesivo de la convocatoria de la Mesa Directiva.

Por este motivo no fue posible tomar posesión del escaño asignado, de acuerdo a las Normas, que establecen que el día de la jubilación quede “el honor de representante del Congreso Nacional y su cuadro se renueve”.The nematode Parascaris equorum: an ascaridoid gastrointestinal parasite of horses.
A mature ovum containing the eggs of Parascaris equorum collected from a horse in California, USA, was used to initiate an experimental infection in four adult ponies. These ponies were treated with anthelmintics and then autopsied at intervals between day 100 and day 240 of infection. Parascaris equorum eggs were identified in fecal samples from all four ponies by sedimentation in zinc sulfate solution and by the modified centrifugal flotation technique. Eggs were also observed in fecal samples collected from one pony at day 100 of infection and at biweekly intervals until day 240. Eggs were observed in one of the four ponies at


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AIM has a long history of being the top place for small teams to work and collaborate on stuff that matters. It’s no secret that AIM has made an amazing comeback as a great place to work for small teams.

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