With Functional Training, Bipasha Basu's Post-Pregnancy Fitness Game Is Only Getting Stronger

Bipasha Basu’s post-pregnancy fitness routine is stronger than ever

One name that comes to mind when talking about fitness in Bollywood is Bipasha Basu. The actress has always been at the forefront for fitness and dedication to a regular workout regimen. Even after her pregnancy, the actress keeps giving her fans and followers fitness goals by sharing workout posts on her Instagram handle. The actress was doing a functional hip exercise and shared that moment on social media. Functional exercises are done to increase co-ordination, improve balance, increase flexibilty and improve posture. Functional exercises mainly focus on a variety of motions, each starting and completing from the original position of your muscles. These functional exercises can be done by people of any age, and fitness level but with proper guidance and supervision. Bipasha captioned her post as, “Mamma’s weight loss journey!!! The struggle is real !!! But nothing is impossible …slow and steady and in the most healthy way. I am loving myself and my body in every stage of my life …trying to be kind to myself. Reminding myself I have just given birth to another human being… it’s like a superpower on its own. Proud to be a healthy happy mamma #loveyourself. The post received love and support from all her fans, followers, friends, and family. While her husband, Karan Singh Grover commented, “Awesomeness! That’s what you are!!!”, someone else wrote, “Super proud of you. All the best. A great inspiration to all. We as women are cheering you on.” Some other comments read, “This is how it actually looks like.. the postpartum fitness journey ..slow and steady. More power to you”, “Thank you for normalising whole process .. weight gain didnt happen in a month how weight loss will?

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Not too long ago, Bipasha Basu; while on a vacation with family, was indulging in strength-training exercises. The actress opted for a headstand which is a fitness activity for building core strength and leg and core movements. We are thoroughly inspired by Bipasha, who is so effortless and flawless about her fitness routine.

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After her pregnancy, Bipasha Basu is back with her fitness routines and gym workouts. In one of the videos that the actress shared, she was working out in a gym lifting weights, doing functional exercises, and building her strength. She captioned the post, “Mama don’t collapse. Rebuilding a stronger version of me from scratch.” We can surely see the actress building her fitness routine and getting better with it, with each passing day.

We would definitely like to see more of Bipasha Basu’s fitness routines and workout videos which would inspire us to do better and be dedicated to a religious fitness routine.

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