Summer House fans love Alex Wach, but he didn’t bring enough drama. His quiet, laid-back personality may not be made for reality television.

Alex Wach was one of the new faces of Summer House season 6 and fans are split on what he brought to the show. Alex immediately charmed the Summer House cast and fans with his boyish smile and impressive physique. The trainer and fitness model showed how dedicated he was to maintaining his strength by eating healthy and working out in the mornings. While the other housemates partied and drank, Alex preferred to wake up early and eat a pound of turkey.

The Summer House cast seemed to enjoy Alex’s company and he was present for many of their group outings. However, fans got confused when halfway through the season, Alex seemed to have completely disappeared from the house. It was soon revealed that Alex had been edited out of many of the Summer House episodes. Summer House veteran Kyle Cooke explained that it wasn’t unusual to have many scenes edited out post-production and speculated that so much was going on with the other cast members that production couldn’t follow everything all at once.


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With so many storylines going on in Summer House season 6, there was no shortage of drama. The love triangle between Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, and Southern Charm star Austen Kroll led to fights, tears, and a wine glass toss. Kyle and Amanda Batula’s upcoming wedding was also a pressure cooker for the couple, along with the stress of running Loverboy. Alex seemed to never get caught up in any of the drama or interject when things got tense. While Summer House fans loved Alex’s laid-back attitude, his quiet demeanor just did not make for great television.

Alex and Ciara had a small moment where they seemed to be interested in each other. During a spin-the-bottle game, the two shared a kiss, which Ciara later admitted was nice. However, that storyline fizzled when Ciara couldn’t stop pining over Austen. Alex was also not vocal about his interest in her and she was left feeling lukewarm about their one-time makeout session.

Although Alex is drama-free, he is still loved by his Summer House cast members and they have nothing but nice things to say about him. Whether he will be back for Summer House season 7 is yet to be determined but the chances look unlikely. Luke Gulbranson, who is a Summer House regular, also got very little screen time this season. Both Luke and Alex got along well together and both seemed happy to keep out of the fray. Fans love Summer House for its wild parties and drama but Alex may just be too nice for the show.

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