The intersection between fitness and wellness is a natural fit for retailers in the activewear space. Nike will tap into the synergy of its products and gym services with Nike Studios, a boutique fitness concept created in partnership with FitLab that is set to open its first location in Los Angeles later this year.

Nike Studios will offer two options to help members choose the workout they need. Nike Training Studio focuses on full-body training and conditioning through exercises like lifting weights and pulling sleds, while Nike Running Studio will feature cardio-enhancing treadmills and large screens to help participants track each other’s efforts for competition or encouragement.

The spaces will put an emphasis on small class sizes in local neighborhoods to spotlight the sense of community. Classes will be run by dedicated trainers, and each workout will be designed to let members take it at their own pace to accommodate people of all fitness levels and experience. 

Memberships will cost $99 per month, and Nike is currently accepting Founding Member Reservations for a $49 enrollment fee. Founding Members receive an exclusive bundle as thanks for being early adopters, including a limited-edition T-shirt and a $25 Nike gift card.

Nike has kept quiet regarding further details on the boutique fitness center launch, but the company acknowledged that Nike Studios fit into its wider strategy, particularly the recently announced Nike Well Collective. The program is focused on delivering “innovation, expertise, services and experiences across body, mind and life” through investments in Nike’s five pillars of holistic fitness: movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest, and connection.

Nike is no stranger to wellness and has successfully combined retail and fitness into a single cohesive whole. The retailer introduced the Nike Rise concept store, which includes broadcasts of information about local sporting events among its experiential features, in 2020 and brought it to the U.S. with a shop in Aventura, Florida, in 2022.

Other athletics-focused retailers have added the wellness touch to larger store concepts as well, such as DICK’S House of Sport and its dedicated in-store health and wellness destination.

Fitness content is likewise an area where Nike feels comfortable. The brand upgraded the Nike+ Run Club app back in 2016, connecting it with the Nike+ app to combine expert exercise advice with product recommendations. The service has continued receiving major updates, and it added connection to Strava to further enhance tracking and sharing features earlier in 2023.

Other retail-backed apps in this space include Under Armour’s MapMyFitness, which connects users to running paths, and Peloton’s revamped app, which has options for users without Peloton bikes.

Of course, wellness is a very broad topic, and Nike isn’t the only activewear retailer exploring the possibilities. Competitor lululemon has launched the Mental Wellbeing Global Advisory Board to help it develop best practices to improve mental wellbeing for communities and employees alike. While the connection between yoga gear and mental health may not be immediately obvious, lululemon noted that physical, mental, and social wellbeing are part of a greater whole — as well as that only 29% of respondents across a 10-market study said they have strong wellbeing across all three dimensions.

If that study is to be believed, there is a lot of work to be done — and plenty of opportunities for retailers like Nike and lululemon to provide valuable services while getting their brands out in front of consumers.

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