Don’t blame them! West Hollywood fitness center Dogpound Gym has shut down a report that claimed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce forced their gym members to wait outside for two hours while the couple finished a workout.

“At Dogpound, we value our members’ experience and have never had anyone wait outside for two hours,” the gym shared in a statement to Us Weekly on Tuesday, March 26. “The narrative running in the media today does not accurately reflect the circumstances. We respect the privacy of our clients and have no other comments to share.”

Dogpound made headlines earlier on Tuesday when an eyewitness told The Daily Mail that people were waiting outside the building for two hours until Taylor and Travis, both 34, completed their training session. The report also included a photo of gymgoers allegedly waiting to be let into the building, but this was confirmed to not be true.

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Taylor, who frequents Dogpound at both the L.A. and New York City locations, arrived with her boyfriend at the gym through “a private entrance” and “had the gym to themselves.”

The insider added that Taylor and Travis worked on “different strength training methods” during their sweat session. Additionally, the source said Taylor was “smiling and seemed really happy.”

“They were having fun being in the gym together. They were in there for over an hour and were both in great moods,” the source continued. “They like doing mundane, everyday activities together. Both of them are on the same page about fitness during their downtime in between work.”

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Taylor revealed in her Time Person of the Year interview in December 2023 that she trained hard at Dogpound for her Eras tour, which kicked off in March 2023. Each show is more than three hours long.

“Every day I would run on the treadmill, singing the entire set list out loud,” she said. “Fast for fast songs, and a jog or a fast walk for slow songs.”

She also did a custom program that included strength, conditioning and weights. Additionally, Taylor had extensive dance training and cut out drinking.

“I knew this tour would be harder than anything I’d ever done before by a long shot,” the pop star admitted.

Taylor and Travis are both on breaks from work right now. The “Cruel Summer” hitmaker hit pause on her tour on March 9 after she wrapped up the Asia leg. Meanwhile, the NFL is currently in its off season. But as much as they’re making sure to stay on top of fitness, the couple is also having fun. They spent several days on a private getaway in the Bahamas before returning to L.A., where they’ve been “testing the waters of living under one roof,” a source exclusively told Life & Style.

“It seems to be going very smoothly. He moved into her Los Angeles mansion while she’s on break from her tour, they’re nesting and loving it,” the insider said on March 20. “They’ve completely melded their at home chill vibes. She’s played some of Travis’ computer sports games and he’s taken over the kitchen, cooking her up some of his favorite dishes.”

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