As a teen, Aryahi Agarwal, a student of Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai, says she found it difficult to source an eco-friendly, organic, and affordable perfume line for teeangers.

This, along with brainstorming sessions with her Thapar Entrepreneurs Academy (formerly YEA!) mentors, led her to launch her own brand of perfumes for teenagers, Bella Fragrances.

Aryahi says she was heavily inspired by the biographies of renowned businesspersons like Walt Disney, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Dhirubhai Ambani, and particularly intrigued by Coco Chanel’s revolutionary ideas that rocked the fashion world.

“I was unable to find any perfume, especially for my age group, one that was 100 percent organic,” she tells HerStory.

Aryahi came up with the perfume by herself, after over six months of R&D and constant testing of formulae by mixing essential oils, until she finally got the right quantities with the right oils.

“This perfume is a product of my efforts despite being told by multiple industry veterans that it was not possible to make an entirely organic perfume. I came up with the formula of the perfume in my own kitchen and had the denatured alcohol I used lab-tested to ensure it was safe to use. The lab reports also proved the same,” she says.

Her TEA mentors guided her at every step, and made sure she met her deadlines and was not disillusioned by adverse comments.

Bella Fragrances is currently being sold on Instagram via the business’s handle, for Rs 599 a bottle. The fragrances are handcrafted by her in a facility in Mumbai, with a capacity of 500 bottles a month. It is available in two fragrances: Bella Naturals & Bella Organics

“My product is entirely organic, eco-friendly, and handmade. It is made using essential oils and denatured alcohol, derived mainly from roses to give it a floral scent,” Aryahi says.

Within a month of its launch, the business has already made over Rs 60,000 in revenue and Rs 45,000 in profit, with a gross margin of 65 percent.

Organic and affordable

Aryahi says that what sets Bella Fragrances apart from competitors is that it is entirely organic with no chemicals involved, is teen-oriented, and has a lower price point, making it affordable. 

The road to the launch has not been easy.

“I must admit it was incredibly tough to come up with a formula for the perfume, and I was close to quitting and giving up on my idea. But finally, after toiling and striving, I cracked the formula,” she says.

Aryahi takes the help of her mother to market the product via social media platforms. Her father, Abhay Agarwal, a fund manager, provided her with the initial investment of Rs 20,000 to start Bella Fragrances. He also guides her in financial decisions and deals with the suppliers of raw materials. 

The design for the packaging was made by her and further refined by a designer. 

Aryahi now plans to build and grow Bella Fragrances by cementing the brand’s presence on social media as well as registering and selling on major ecommerce websites like Nykaa. The ultimate goal is to “make Bella Fragrance a household name”.

Currently studying in Class 9, Aryahi has a hectic schedule but her passion for her business ensures she always has time for building her brand and working on new fragrances.

“ I wish to grow my company over a period of years, first focusing on increasing brand’s awareness mainly via social media. Studies do take priority but a period of time is always devoted to the business. I ensure I takes out time after extracurricular activities to focus on my startup,” Aryahi says.

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