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Surviving Mars is a city building game where players build their economy,


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Well, I was wondering if any of you could explain to me: The reason why this kind of rock ‘n’ roll music

i wish i could keep my current build while i re-roll, but it looks like i’ll have to settle for this: I’ll probably try to find some good white patches to paint on the grill, just to make it look more “purple”.
So here is the installation with the base, the lot and the tracks i’m using. A video with all the textures added should hopefully be released once the semi-transparent textures are done.


Almost Done.
Okay, so i’ll try to explain a little bit of what’s going on because I feel really comfortable with this :P.
You’ll notice that the texture is really not transparent. It’s just blending the lower half of the texture with the upper half.
I have no clue what the color code of the texture is, but when you turn on the ‘Transparency’ field in the material, you’ll see a white border. This border looks kinda like the texture on the ground.
So, what I did with the texture was simply to remove the transparency on the top layer, and I placed the yellow texture on the lower layer of the texture, exactly on the border, where it’s looking transparent at the moment.
To make that border look more purple, I used a brush layer to put some color over that area 😀
So the textures now looks like this :

It looks kinda “purple” now, but that’s because I used black and white, and different blending settings.

Here’s a video so you can see it in action :

It’s probably not perfect, but I have no clue what else i can do.
Also, i dont really understand why some textures are only visible when they’re placed at the back or in the middle of the texture pack in the scene.
I did something similar with the tracks :

And it’s looking completely transparent, but only the bottom half of the texture is displayed :

If you know how to make it work, or if you know why some textures are like this, please reply in the comment section of the answer.
I hope you’ll find this answer helpful.

Here’s a video of what i’m talking about.

EDIT 2 :
Working Texture Pack Here
Link to texture pack :

By alaotil