How do you bottle desire and refinement? Take a look at Maluma because he has answers to it! 

The chart-topping Colombian musician had an impressive launch of his four-fragrance Royalty by Maluma collection and landed himself in the beauty and fashion arena.

The perfume line is inspired by gemstones bringing him among the starlight of the celebrity perfume market.

The first collection dropped on March 4th leading to fans going crazy with the exciting range. Here’s everything you need to know!

Royalty By Maluma 

The luxurious range brought him into the booming celebrity perfume market, The impetus for launching the line came from star’s fans. Through his words, he wanted to give his fans a more intimate look at his creative side outside of fashion, music and films.

He describes Fragrance as a form of self-expression. It reflects your mindset, mode, and your inner self.  He further added that “Fragrance is one way of sharing who I am.”

The star has been working in fashion recently. He’s front row and center in the latest Versace campaign, collaborated with Balmain on a limited edition clothing capsule and began work on his own line of clothes earlier this year.

He sees beauty as a fresh and creative outlet, with the power to touch people on a personal level. The collection’s regal name isn’t a reference to real-world nobles; instead, it stems from the star’s ideas about integrity. He emphasis focusing on royalty as a concept because of his belief in loyalty and respect.

He wants his fans to connect with the scent but also to feel confident and embrace the inner kings and queens in all of us.

All about Royalty by Maluma collection

The first collection from Maluma dropped on March 4th “The Kings and Queens collection” consisting of 4 intimidating perfumes. The tagline on the official website reads, King and Queen Collection to transform your everyday routine into royal experiences. 

All four perfumes from the King and Queen collection are crafted with the connection between smell and the subconscious, and Maluma’s own recollection of his own memories from his childhood, particularly from his father.

He opened up about one of his earliest memories of seeing his dad when he was young shaving and readying himself for work, and placing his aftershave near the sink before washing his face. He further adds that the fragrance used to leave behind in the house for the rest of the day.

Describing that the individual notes in this fragrance were designed to evoke the feeling of a melody that gets stuck in your head. Picking up tones that will leave an impact and a memory once you walk into the room. 

Introducing The King And Queen Collection

Royalty’s King and Queen collection leaves an impression. Featuring four different fragrances for men and women, this fragrance has been designed so that one fragrance flows effortlessly into the other.

The individual notes in this fragrance were designed to evoke the feeling of a melody that never leaves you.

Onyx is an appropriate fragrance for anybody who would want to demonstrate their strength and determination, whereas Garnet is perfect for those who are passionate and intense. The fragrance has a fruity top note, a spicy heart note, and a warm base note with undertones of patchouli.

Jade’s opening release of blackcurrant and bergamot give a tranquil, relaxing background as it transitions to a creamy finish of tuberose and jasmine. Amethyst hints at its gem namesake with a rich orchid distillation that connects the various facets of this fragrance.

One of the things the Colombian star was intent on including were nods to his Colombian roots. The nation’s flower – Cattleya trianae – an orchid native to the cloud forests of the Andes, is one of the accords at Amethyst’s heart.

The flower’s notes give the scents a memorable tone and significance. 

With Maluma dipping into the beauty space, there’s a lot to come from the superstar in the future.

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