Planet Fitness marketing mix framework has helped the company in creating a marketing plan relevant to its desire to attract new customers and business in the market. It is a fitness club whose success depends upon the number of members as well as the revenues it generates. As the brand faces stiff competition from several established competitors it has decided to create something different at low cost and affordable prices for its users that is in line with individual needs and preferences.

The marketing mix elements of Planet Fitness – The Judgement Free Zone focuses on attracting new members, providing a safe and non-intimidating judgment-free zone, and access to fitness equipment, introducing users to a suitable exercise regime, offering additional benefits and encouraging customers to use all the available services by creating a viable marketing plan that will achieve the set targets, attract online traffic and gain better market share in the fitness industry.

About Planet Fitness Inc.

  • Origin Country: United States of America
  • Founders: Michael Grondahl, Marc Grondahl and Rich Berks
  • Founded: 1992
  • Headquarters: Hampton, New Hampshire, U.S.
  • Employees in 2023: 2,795
  • Annual Revenue in 2023: 0.281 billion USD
  • Net Income in 2023: 0.099 billion USD
  • Market Cap in 2023: 6.94 billion USD

The American company Planet Fitness Inc. is an operator and franchisor of fitness centers. The brand markets itself as a “Judgement Free Zone” and has become quite popular amongst fitness freaks who love to exercise and workout in gyms.

Planet Fitness- Judgement Free Zone is one of the largest fitness clubs operating on a franchise model based on the number of locations and members. The health club caters to the needs of casual, first-time gym users or veteran gym members who love workouts and hard work and focuses on various fitness equipment and health exercises.

The Planet Fitness – Judgement Free Zone provides a comfortable and peaceful workout environment so that all the old and new members can achieve their fitness goals. There are trained employees to inspire and guide the members. All Planet Fitness members can take advantage of the free fitness training offered by the health club.

Target Audience: Planet Fitness Inc.

The marketing mix framework of the business model has created a relevant marketing plan that will help in attracting new members and increasing membership. Planet Fitness has a distinct target market and has found unique ways to connect and cater to the specific needs of its target audience through its gyms.

Planet Fitness – The Judgement Free Zone puts the focus on new members who are occasional, casual, or first-time gym users as its primary target audience. This is why they broadcast their slogan – the judgement-free zone to make their audiences comfortable.

The club introduces the target audience to fitness exercises slowly and ensures that they are comfortable with the set exercise regime. The brand offers a value proposition to its customers and gives access to several amenities like massage chairs and free instructions etc to promote its business.

The secondary target audience of the business model is health-conscious fitness enthusiasts, models, and bodybuilders who love to exercise and use fitness equipment to build their muscles and body. All the Planet Fitness gyms have trained staff to introduce hard-core fitness enthusiasts to various types of exercises and equipment that will prove beneficial for their health.

Planet Fitness Marketing Mix (4Ps) & Marketing Strategy

Planet Fitness Marketing Strategy

The marketing mix strategies of Planet Fitness focus on a creative marketing plan to promote its business in the market and lay the foundation for personal growth. The business model wants to introduce the members to a healthy lifestyle program in the gym that will boost their health and fitness.

Planet Fitness – the judgement-free zone has taken notice of the competitors and their services and developed a relevant line of exercise programs that will lay the foundation for more businesses and better value propositions.

The marketing mix strategies puts the focus on amenities like massage chairs, services like instructions and a creative program from trained staff, products like exercise equipment, pricing strategy – low costs, affordable prices, place and distribution strategies like gyms, and promotion strategy through the website and social media like Facebook, etc. to promote the business in the market, sell membership to interested customers and increase the number of members in its fitness facilities.

Product Strategy of Planet Fitness

The marketing mix framework of Planet Fitness has developed a marketing plan for the products that will prove beneficial for the customers and promote the business in the market. The high-value and low-cost business model with a lean operating system has managed to revolutionize the franchising and fitness industry with its creative program and setup.

Planet Fitness facilities focus on enhancing the health of its customers by creating high-quality and beneficial fitness programs in a welcoming ambiance which they refer to as a judgement-free zone.

The success of a fitness facility depends to a great extent on the products or fitness equipment in the gym and how the trained staff can improve the performance of the customers with the help of these resources.

Planet Fitness makes sure that its trained staff is always at hand to help both casual customers and professionals and fitness freaks.

The host has decided to take advantage of the advanced fitness equipment at its facility to draw in its secondary target customers- the models, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders and special amenities like massage chairs and a judgement-free zone to draw in the primary customers who are casual first timers.

Product Mix

The marketing mix of Planet Fitness focuses on both products and services to promote its business model in the market. The industry is full of several businesses that promote healthy lifestyles through their gyms so what is different about this business model?

The gym is equipped with products like circuits, cardio, and weight training equipment. Services include instructions and proper plans on how to improve and maintain health with the help of different forms of exercise. It is important to offer services that will cater to the specific needs of the customers. For example, create different strategies and workouts for men and women depending upon their preferences.

The facilities also offer additional benefits and amenities like massage chairs where members can relax and enjoy a massage, tanning booths, water massage beds, red light therapy, and free instructions from trained staff as regular services.

Place and Distribution Strategy

Planet Fitness – Judgement Free Zone operates on a franchisee business model and has spread its presence to 1500 locations like the United States, Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Panama with the help of 2,400+ fitness centers and nearly 17 million members.

The marketing efforts of the brand have helped to create a marketing plan that ensures all the fitness clubs or gyms are located at strategic and clean locations to attract as many customers as possible. Most of the facilities are nearly 20,000 square feet in area with yellow and purple Fitness branded equipment. The friendly and helpful staff members and trainers promote the business by offering unlimited fitness instructions free of cost to all the members via the [email protected] Program.

The casual and first-timer customers can take advantage of the judgement-free zone which has a non-discriminating ambiance to make customers comfortable. In 2015 the judgement-free zone policy was expanded to set an example for competitors and promote gender equality. From there on transwomen were allowed to use the women’s locker room which until then was prohibited.

Place and Distribution Strategy

The marketing mix strategies and marketing plan of Planet Fitness put the focus on the distribution channels of the business model. The brand has adopted a franchise business since the year 2003 to open its facilities in different places like Canada, Mexico, etc.

The distribution Channels include –


Planet Fitness has 2,400 clubs located at large and clean locations so that the members feel comfortable working out. These places have a peaceful ambiance to provide the customers with a comfortable feeling.

Planet Fitness App

The Planet Fitness App must be downloaded for an on-demand workout like a treadmill and no-equipment strength. The app also offers equipment tutorials to guide the members on proper technique forms. The PF App also helps members to track all the activities and add them up for a clear and distinct result. Members can refer a friend and every referral gives them 1 free month.

Pricing Strategy

The marketing mix strategies of Planet Fitness ensure that the pricing marketing plan of the company is aligned with its target customers. As the brand promotes its business model to first-time enthusiasts it wants to keep a low costs model with affordable prices. The brand has dramatically reduced prices so that it can keep up with its low-cost affordable prices policy and maintain the customer base.

The brand has adopted a franchise business model whose initial franchise and area development fee is $20,000 and $10,000 respectively. The net worth and liquid cash requirement for businesses to open a Planet Fitness franchise are $3,000,000 and $1,500,000 respectively. The franchisee must pay a royalty fee of 7% of the total gross monthly income as well as membership fees to the franchiser.

Planet Fitness offers fitness experience through the [email protected] Program at only $10 per month for standard and $24.99 for PF Black Card memberships in the US and $15 and $25 respectively in Canada.

The $10 in the US and $15 in Canada are exceptional value propositions to attract occasional gym users and individuals of Canada and the US above the age of 14 who are not gym members. The low cost and affordable prices are set to attract customers who find the gym settings expensive. The $10 fees in the US and $15 fees in Canada include access to strength and cardio equipment and unlimited fitness instructions along with bagels and pizza once a month.

The PF Black Card holders who are paying $24.99 and $25 in US and Canada respectively have access to additional amenities like massage chairs, tanning booths, water massage beds, and red light therapy. The members can bring one extra guest, are eligible for partner rewards and discounts, free Wi-Fi, 50% off on selected drinks, and has access to all the Planet Fitness locations.

The marketing mix of Planet Fitness has adopted the following pricing strategies so that the product and price align with each other.

Affordable Pricing Strategy

From the onset, the brand has targeted first-timers as its customers who generally do not wish to spend large amounts on gym activities. This is why it has created a low costs model and kept affordable prices for the products.

Premium Pricing

The brand has adopted premium pricing for members who are willing to pay extra for additional amenities. It has launched the PF Black Card at $24.99 which is quite reasonable if you look at the competitors’ pricing strategies.

Promotional Strategy

Planet Fitness has adopted several promotion tools to create brand awareness and target its customers in the industry. Some of the prominent promotion activities are as follows-

Influencers and Social Media Platforms

This is the age of social media platforms and influencers who have a lot of say over their followers. Planet Fitness shares viable content over the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to connect with their audience. It also takes help from influencers who promote the brand and products through their personal accounts on Facebook and other sites.

Host Workshops

Planet Fitness hosts workshops to introduce new nutrition, fitness, and health concepts to every new member. Clubs need to introduce and host mindfulness practices and encourage healthy eating habits for overall growth and this is what Planet Fitness does to maintain its individuality in the industry.

Referral Programs

The brand has an ongoing referral program where members are encouraged to refer their friends and family for one free month through the PF App. It is a cost-effect promotion tool that has taken the brand forward in these competitive times.


The brand has a dedicated website where it promotes the brand and customer activities through the Planet of Triumphs online community. The members share their stories on the website which inspires others to join and become a part of the club.


The promotion strategy and marketing mix of Planet Fitness understands the value of sponsorships to increase brand visibility in the industry. Over the years the brand has entered into several sponsorship deals for example the brand sponsored NBC’s reality show The Biggest Loser in 2011 and entered into a partnership deal with 50 Cent to sell their energy drink Street King. Planet Fitness was the fitness sponsor of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Joey Logano. In 2020 the brand partnered with The Biggest Loser to become the official sponsor of 2020 Reboot.

Philanthropic Activities

Planet Fitness has entered a partnership with STOMP Out Bullying, an organization that tries to prevent bullying. The brand has donated more than 1 million to Boys and Girls Clubs of America, 130 scholarships to youths, and 35 mini judgement-free Zone as a part of its philanthropic initiatives.

Planet Fitness Slogan

The marketing efforts and promotion strategy of the Planet Fitness business have made sure that its slogan is aligned with the company’s values. The company’s mission is to promote healthcare through a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise at the gym. It is very important to have a non-intimidating environment so that members can use the available facilities and amenities peacefully.

The company slogan “Judgement Free Zone’ matches perfectly with the mission and vision of the brand as it wants to encourage customers to take advantage of the available facilities without the fear of being judged for their efforts.

Planet Fitness – Judgement Free Zone Membership

Planet Fitness – Judgment Free Zone offers membership options to its old and new customers. All the members who have taken the membership can enjoy unlimited access to the facilities at their home club as well as the support of the trained staff or employees working at the gym.

The PF Black Card membership is more beneficial as the members who have the PF Black Card are eligible for additional benefits and amenities. The members have access to all the 2400+ Planet Fitness facilities all over the world and can bring a guest for free.

Planet Of Triumphs – 100% “Judgement Free Zone”

Planet of Triumphs – 100% “Judgement Free Zone” is an online community where both old and new members share their high-quality fitness experience. All the members talk about their fitness lifestyle and share their workout regime, fitness goals, and how the company has helped them to achieve personal dreams.

Digital Campaigns – Notable Digital Marketing Campaigns

Defeat Low E

The ad campaign ” Defeat Low E” is a smart promotion tactic by the brand that promises a better life after joining the fitness club.

Don’t Let 2020 Get the Best of You

The professional ad campaign “Don’t Let 2020 Get the Best of You” was launched in October 2020 in the United States to encourage customers to join their daily routines and care once again about their health.

Key Takeaways from the Marketing Mix of Planet Fitness

The key takeaways from the Planet Fitness marketing mix are –

  • Maintain a soothing ambiance and friendly atmosphere
  • The affordable prices have proved useful in driving customers to the business
  • Keep making viable changes in the marketing plan to stay relevant
  • Push the promotion strategy to increase the brand visibility in the market

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