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While novice and expert Photoshop users will recognize the main features and toolsets of the program, it is also important that those who haven’t used this particular application before understand the architecture of the program. Learn how to use and access Photoshop’s various tools for image manipulation, and learn how to make adjustments to an image.

What Are Its Functions?

Software programs such as Photoshop are usually more than the sum of their parts. The various tools, modes, and settings work together in a way that makes using the program feel natural.

Every program has a wide range of functions, but some of the most important ones of Photoshop are:


Assistive Editing: This is the “bucket” of tools for editing an image. There are many functions in the Assistive Editing tools, such as the eraser, the healing brush, the airbrush, the clone, the duplicate layer, and the move tool.

The move tool (red arrow) is used to select a spot on the image where an adjustment can be made and dragged to the other part of the image

The smart brush is a powerful tool that intelligently changes to paint over the area it’s selected.

Edit Tools:

Airbrush: The airbrush allows you to paint and add color to a selected area. You can use the brush controls or you can add an image as a brush. It is used for applying a graphic to an image, such as in adding a tree or a geometric shape.

The gradient tool allows you to create gradients, which can be used to add shadows or highlights to an image.

The bevels tool and gradient tool create bevels and shading along edges.

The pen tool lets you freehand draw any shapes or paths.

The polygonal lasso tool lets you select any kind of shape for drawing in an image.

The magic wand tool is one of the most important tools in Photoshop. You can use the tool to select one area of the image. Then with the eyedropper tool, you can choose an area of the image and Photoshop makes the selected area any color you want.

There is also the crop tool that enables you to make any adjustment and crop out unwanted areas of an image.

The lasso tool lets you make freehand selections.

The pencil tool is used to draw and make selections.

The eraser tool allows you to remove or change

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In the following discussion, we’ll walk you through the steps to edit images, create new high quality images or both.

File Formats & Shapes

Before you get to editing photos and shapes, you need to understand the file formats in which your images are stored. Your computer uses three different file types: JPEG (pronounced jay-peg), GIF and BMP. We’ll talk about each of these in the following sections.

JPEG, or J-PEG, is the most versatile format. It is the default format used for photos and graphics on the Web and your computer’s hard drive. JPEG is in the public domain, meaning that any one can use the format and do pretty much anything they want with it. Most of the things you do to your photo are OK with JPEG, so if you do not have any reason to change the format of your photos, you can stick with JPEG.

However, you might want to consider using the newer format, called “progressive JPEG”, if you are creating photos for a presentation or blog and you need to make sure your image looks its best online. Progressive JPEG is designed to allow your computer to show previews of your photos on-screen while downloading to your hard drive. This is especially important if you use low-end computers, or you plan to post JPEGs on the web.

GIF is the format you will probably want to use if you plan to post your images online or distribute them by email. GIF is a much smaller file format than JPEG and is also in the public domain, meaning that you can use it as you please. For now, be careful of trying to change the format of your images from GIF to JPEG, or vice versa, because GIF files lose much of their aesthetic quality when they are converted from one format to another.

BMP is a proprietary format only available on Windows. It is a large format image that is used to create video screens. BMP files are the widest of the three file formats and have the least compression, which makes them the least efficient to transfer over the Internet.

In this section, we’ll talk about how to open each of these image types and edit, copy, move, and delete images.

About Editing Images

You can do almost anything with your photo. If you know how to change the colors or brightness of an image, you can edit your photos to make them look more pleasing or more funky. Photoshop Elements is designed to

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When it comes to typography, Photoshop allows you to create professional logos, advertisements, and web designs. This is done using the type, kerning, and font manager tools.
With the type manager, you can choose which typeface you want to use. You can also change the size and style of your text.
The kerning tool allows you to easily control the spacing between the letters of a typeface. You can adjust the width of the letters, round up or down numbers, and add diacritics such as accents or
ligatures. This is useful when you want to create letterpress or handcrafted typography.
Finally, you can add text to an image with the font manager. This allows you to customize your font, set it to a specific size, or choose between raster or vector fonts. You can also combine the text in layers to produce cool effects.

Add Gradients, Patterns, and Patterns
Add Gradients allows you to create many different patterns, patterns, and gradients. They are useful for creating professional designs and graphic art.
The Gradient Selector allows you to quickly and easily select color gradients. You can easily change color swatches to create a gradient.
You can also create custom patterns, which are used for type, background, and text and for masking layers. The Patterns panel contains many built-in patterns, but you can also download new patterns from online sources.

Add Shadows, Effects, and Filters
Shadows allow you to create a three-dimensional effect using only a few clickable layers. Shadows are used to create realistic and complex designs.

The Effects panel includes some of the most useful Photoshop filters. These filters are great for adding depth to a photo or creating cool effects. You can also combine multiple filters to produce new and interesting results.
Filters work by applying different blending modes and the effect you want to achieve.
The effects, filters, and brushes in Photoshop are truly useful tools, and you should master each one.

You can learn Photoshop through self-study, online tutorials, books, and magazines.
When trying to learn Photoshop, we recommend the following books:

PhotoShop: Mastering Photoshop CS5: Volume 1: The Fundamentals: This book is geared toward a beginner, but it also includes advanced concepts.

PhotoShop: Mastering Photoshop CS5: Volume 2: The Fundamentals: This volume is more advanced than

What’s New In Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20?

%YAML 1.1
—!u!21 &2100000
serializedVersion: 6
m_ObjectHideFlags: 0
m_CorrespondingSourceObject: {fileID: 0}
m_PrefabInstance: {fileID: 0}
m_PrefabAsset: {fileID: 0}
m_Name: OakLeaf
m_Shader: {fileID: 4800000, guid: 0975fe85a28af443aa895f3d7a1a1f50, type: 3}
m_LightmapFlags: 4
m_EnableInstancingVariants: 0
m_DoubleSidedGI: 0
m_CustomRenderQueue: -1
stringTagMap: {}
disabledShaderPasses: []
serializedVersion: 3
– _BumpMap:
m_Texture: {fileID: 2800000, guid: 70b9b59f9cb4804058ebc47c8bd7cd2f, type: 3}
m_Scale: {x: 1, y: 1}
m_Offset: {x: 0, y: 0}
– _DetailAlbedoMap:
m_Texture: {fileID: 0}
m_Scale: {x: 1, y: 1}
m_Offset: {x: 0, y: 0}
– _DetailMask:
m_Texture: {fileID: 0}
m_Scale: {x: 1, y: 1}
m_Offset: {x: 0

System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit only)
1.25 GHz Processor
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
2 GB Free Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c
Internet connection
DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive
High-definition monitor
Mouse with “scroll” button
Unsupported Programs:
Linux or Mac OS X
PCs with Mac OS 9 installed
System Requirements:
Windows 98 or ME (32-bit only

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