A fitness center in El Paso has closed it’s doors without warning and have left customers wondering where their money has gone.

KFOX14 spoke with Jeannette Kellog whose daughter used to take tumbling classes at the studio.

“No response,” Kellog said.

Kellog along with several other parents are receiving silence from Olympian Fitness Center all while paying for two months of classes they never received.

“I try communicating. I tried calling. I tried emailing but I haven’t heard anything back,” Kellog said.

Olympian Fitness Center offers tumbling, cheerleading, dance, and martial arts classes for children and adults.

The center was first located in the far east but then moved to Horizon, but since September Kellog along with other clients have been ghosted.

“Now it’s [emailing] saying that it doesn’t exist. I tried to just ask ‘Hey is it closed? What’s going on?’ Then after I was like ‘Hey I need a refund’ but it says it doesn’t exist,” Kellog said.

Other parents started voicing their concerns via social media and left Google reviews.

“A lot of parents were left at that. They didn’t know what was going on. ‘What’s going on? I had booked a class. I had paid for it already and I showed up and it’s closed’. The gate is closed. The doors locked. I keep calling and there’s no answer. Like what’s going on?” Kellog said.

While Kellog said she had no issues with the coaches that worked with her daughter who has a passion for dance and tumbling, she said she understand that things happen but all she wanted to get as an explanation.

“Things happen. Something could’ve happened but I feel that it’s kind of bad that we didn’t get a notice,” Kellog said.

Kellog said pricing can get expensive as they have to pay per class but she said fees cost about $85 a month and she said she has not been refunded.

“I was trying to see maybe if we were going to get an email explaining what happened and getting a refund but I’m just going to dispute the charges with my bank,” Kellog said.

Olympian Fitness Center has had three previous claims and has an F rating, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Two of those claims were closed because the owner did not respond and the third claim was filed last week.

The BBB said they have no authority to hold businesses accountable but those reports remain on file.

As for what clients can they if they fall victim to deceptive businesses the BBB advices clients to always pay with a credit card that way they can dispute charges with their bank.

If you want to file a claim with the BBB you can do so at this link.

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