Northeastern State University’s Fitness Center, known as the FIT, offers classes for all stages of adult life, including a class for seniors.

Exercise is an important factor in keeping the human body healthy at every age. Senior Hawks, taught by Jon Lee, FitRanX manager and coach, caters to the needs of older residents.

“Senior Hawks is a group exercise class provided for our senior members three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. This class is to help seniors improve strength, balance, mobility, and overall quality of life. The class begins with a 15-minute stretch and warm-up routine followed by a 15-minute exercise session,” said Lee.

The class features exercises uniquely adapted to be gentle on joints and provide an experience that gets the body moving without causing discomfort. In addition, the class offers tailored activities so participants can enjoy the type of exercises that appeal to them most.

“Body weight workouts, stability balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, mini medicine balls, barre classes, and low-impact aerobic dance classes are all options for the 15-minute exercise session,” said Lee.

The FIT offers this class to members alone, but if anyone wants to try out the class before purchasing a membership to the gym, they are welcome to try it out using a day pass.

Senior Hawks is being offered as a way to promote mobility and exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels as a means of promoting health and accessibility.

“Regular physical activity is essential for keeping healthy as we age, yet due to physical limitations, safety concerns, and accessibility issues, older adults are often hesitant to exercise,” Lee said. “Senior Hawks has benefited the community by assisting in the creation of a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment for seniors. This class has also assisted the senior community in developing strong social relationships and increasing motivation while improving their physical fitness.”

Despite the name and the way the class is designed, Senior Hawks is open to anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

“Senior Hawks is a class for everyone. If you are looking to strengthen your body, enhance your cardiovascular health, or improve your balance and coordination, Senior Hawks is for you,” said Lee.

Former fitness center programs coordinator at the FIT, Mason Walker, echoed Jon Lee’s sentiments.

“I love that all classes are inclusive. The coaches are knowledgeable enough to work with anyone,” said Walker.

To join Senior Hawks or other classes offered at the FIT, call 918-444-3980 or going to the location at 530 N. Oak Ave.

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