Ripon has a new business, aimed at helping individuals get in shape.

Tim Fox Training recently relocated to Ripon from the Reedsburg, Wis. area and hopes to build a new client base.

Owner Tim Fox has been in the personal trainer business for 18 years and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a personal trainer specializing in strength and conditioning.

“Personal trainers focus more on the idea of fitness and wellness of individuals, while strength and conditioning specialists work more with athletes and sports performance,” Fox said.

He also is certified by USA Weightlifting as an Olympic-style weightlifting coach and has coached weight-training clubs and private individuals for more than a decade.

Fox has worked with a range of clients from young children to people in their 80s, as well as with athletes and people dealing with chronic conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

“I’ve worked with quite a diverse population,” he said. “I have done some strength and conditioning work with various sports teams. I really enjoy that variety because there’s unique challenges to each type of client.”

For example, an elderly client may be struggling just to stand up or to walk, while a young athlete may want to run faster or jump higher.

“Each of those unique challenges is just a lot of fun to be able to be the guide on the side that helps those people meet their goals and have a better quality of life and a better outcome,” Fox said.

He always has been interested in working out and used to be a physical education teacher.

“I had an interest in strength sports and got into powerlifting, then into Olympic-style weightlifting,” Fox said. “At that point, I decided to pursue coaching it for students. That’s when I decided to get certified and delve into doing it as a business.”

He recently moved to Ripon because his wife works at Barlow Park/Journey Elementary School as a literacy specialist.

The couple had lived in the Reedsburg area in an old farmhouse. When his wife got a job at Barlow Park, they began living part-time in Ripon and Reedsburg, before eventually moving to Ripon full-time.

Since moving to Ripon, Fox has had positive experiences as he views the community as a “pretty welcoming place.”

He enjoys Ripon’s parks and surrounding landscape, which has “really interesting” glacial features.

“There’s a number of opportunities around for walking and bike trails, and we’ve got a great library in town,” he said. “There’s a lot of different aspects that are really neat.”

In Reedsburg, Fox had a gym set up in his garage and had a fitness class at a local school, as well as performed personal training in clients’ homes and in public parks.

As he gets established in Ripon, he envisions doing mostly personal training in clients’ homes and incorporating outdoor training in parks and on different trails.

“I’m just getting started with that,” he said. “I just have one local client. I still travel back to Reedsburg a couple days a week to meet with the clients that I’ve been working with for several years.”

Overall, Fox looks forward to building his client base in the Ripon area and hopes to help individuals of all skill levels and age ranges meet their personal fitness goals.

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