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* Mouse-bot is a more efficient way of task automation
* You can control the program using specific hotkeys
* Add tasks in the toolbox
* Add one or more mouse actions
* Add a pause command, which pauses the current mouse position for a specified amount of time
* Add a delay command, to delay each action for a specified amount of time
* Add a confirm command, to enforce each action and ask the user to confirm the action
* View the last input of the mouse position, the last action of the bot or the last capture point of the mouse
* Scan for mouse capture point if it is not automatically filled in
* Capture points are saved by default and can be added manually
* All actions are listed in the layout window, so you can easily access them
* All actions can be configured using hotkeys
* 4 transition animation steps
* Please check our web site for the tutorials.
Mouse-Bot Screenshots

Clicker-Bot is a software created to bring fun to the real-life clicking. It is easy to use and requires little to no time and skill to master.
By targeting a simple and predictable AI, Clicker-Bot overcomes the tedious aspects of human clicking in different situations.
You can save configurations, utilize the built-in tutorials or make your own according to your own scenario, by adjusting the settings. It is compatible with all touch-based devices and comes at a very affordable price.
The main feature of Clicker-Bot is that it recognizes the exact pixel coordinates on the screen at which the mouse has been positioned. You are able to automatically set exactly which actions will be performed at those coordinates, which is where Clicker-Bot really shines.
You can choose what actions you would like the bot to perform and start a new session by pressing on the ‘Start Bot’ button. A game or application can be started by clicking on the game’s icon and then selecting the application you would like to start the game for you.
The bot’s movements can be automatically configured through the presets which you can access by pressing the ‘+’ sign on top of the bot’s screen.
There is a tutorial, which is basically what you would find with the app in its basic mode. It explains the basics and allows you to start a new application or game, for example.
You can also adjust the delay or the length of your game, so that it fits your own preference. Alternatively

Mouse-Bot Free Download

Mouse-Bot Crack Keygen is an efficient application that can automate various tasks by empowering the mouse to perform various actions repeatedly. It is suited for situations that require you to click the mouse continuously, such as in a game or any other repetitive activity. By automating such gestures for you, it reduces the time you’d be spending to achieve the tasks by hand.


I downloaded it but it does not seem to be working. Mouse-bot just sits there…

Hi there.

Is it possible to get some kind of support for Mouse-Bot? I’m hoping that they have a support team who can aid with problems, as I’m not 100% sure about the application itself.

On a related note, is it possible to input coordinates manually, as opposed to letting the program identify them? I really need to be able to specify them.

I have just installed the new version It now says “Mouse-Bot can now launch web browsers for you”

Is this for real? Are they actually attempting to make the program into a browser? If they are I think that is the point in which I’ll uninstall the program and revert to using my iPad browser.

I did not find any documentation on how to add images from a folder (in.csv format). Is this possible? I have.csv files with images stored on my C: drive. It would be great if there was a choice to open these images.

I have some trouble with the mouse-bot. I have a dual monitor: one laptop and a second monitor. The mouse-bot can’t interact with the mouse on the laptop on the dual monitor. I’ll have to use the single monitor to have the mouse-bot work well, but it’s a little annoying.

I am also having problems with the two buttons being pushed at the same time. When I reach my maximum capacity of tasks, I get the message “not enough free time. you have 2 tasks” and by pressing bot on the mouse-bot nothing happens. If you have 2 tasks (eg play a game) then press bot, it does nothing. I have tried various things to no avail.

Being a new mouse-bot user, is there any way to configure the quality of the screenshots?

This is so annoying, and i’m also having this problem

At the start of the program there is a window that says’mouse-bot

Mouse-Bot Free Download [Latest 2022]

Mouse-Bot is an easy to use and highly efficient application for automating repetitive mouse activities. It is best suited to situations where you need to perform the same tasks over and over again, such as in a game, or any other repetitive activity. The application will help you save a lot of time, as it enables you to perform the same tasks simply by pressing a key combination. It manages repetitive tasks automatically, thanks to its highly intuitive interface. Mouse-Bot has a wide range of features, such as being able to execute a specified action within a particular mouse position, and a preset option to pause the automation for a particular duration.
Key Features:
• Execute preset mouse actions based on specified mouse coordinates
• Create a custom scenario for each repetitive task
• Automatically stop and pause a task during specified mouse movements
Mouse-Bot Interface:
Mouse-Bot comes across as an efficient application with a simple yet intuitive interface. It does not require any additional software to be installed. The interface can be seen in the attached images:

1.-Start / Pause Hotkey
2.-Settings Hotkey
3.-Start / Pause / Bot / Repeat Hotkey
4.-Add New Task
5.-Settings Manager
6.-View / Add / Pause / Change Configuration Hotkey

2.Access Main Settings for the application
Step 2:
Go to the Mouse-Bot main settings via the ‘Settings Manager’ button.

2.1.-Add New Task Hotkey
Step 2.1:
Go to the ‘Settings Manager’ and click the ‘Add New Task’ button.
Step 2.2:
Input the actions to be performed when the user clicks the mouse in the box provided.The actions performed should be preceded by a hotkey key and a pause time you specify in order to make them easier to perform.

2.2.-Repeat Hotkey
Step 2.2:
Go to the ‘Settings Manager’ and click the ‘Add New Task’ button.
Step 2.3:
Input the number of times the mouse action will be repeated in the box provided.The repeat time can be changed in the desired value.

2.2.-Pause Hotkey
Step 2.2:
Go to the ‘Settings Manager’ and click the ‘Add New Task’ button.
Step 2.3:
Input the number of times the mouse action will be

What’s New in the?

Mouse-Bot is a quick application that transforms your mouse into a gesturing robot. With Mouse-Bot, you can:
* Save your mouse movements.
* Multitask, without worrying about repetitions.
* Automate repetitive tasks.
* Avoid the mouse from becoming obsolete.
Mouse-Bot Features:
1. Mouse-Bot records your mouse movements and later captures the position of your mouse for the duration of the program. You can define your own current mouse position by means of a graphical interface.
2. You can select one or more tasks for the program to complete after a certain period of time. To start the task, a convenient button is placed on the screen.
3. The program can be easily customized and operated, with the following operational options:
* Add or edit your own tasks, using the included graphical interface.
* Edit the tasks list by means of two different modes: sequential mode and random mode.
* Add your own hotkeys and configure them at any time.
* Allow custom shortcuts for keys, such as Alt, Shift or CTRL.
* Run the program from a virtual drive.
4. The Mouse-Bot smart GUI is ultra-compact, enabling for a minimal and tidy appearance.
5. It requires no installation, just run it from your current drive.
6. Ability to open and view your tasks is a huge strength, especially for automation purposes.
7. Mouse-Bot is perfect for users who often need to perform the same actions over and over, such as video editors, graphic designers, gamers and even some general users.
8. The program supports both virtual and physical mice.
9. Mouse-Bot works with all OSs and desktops, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10.
The program also works with Mac OS X as well as Linux and BSD machines.
Additional Information:
Requires the use of the mouse and a desktop or OS, as defined in the main window.
Allows the activity to be interrupted, with a time limit, and re-started from the current position.
Mouse-Bot runs in the background and can save data locally, on the virtual drive. The program should be closed in order to make changes.
Mouse-Bot does not need to interact with other applications in order to function properly.
Mouse-Bot requires only a mouse driver in order to work properly.
The program can capture the mouse position, perform the task

System Requirements:

Supported Devices:
HGC – version 1.10 or higher
– version or higher MGB – version 0.30 or higher
– version or higher GB – version 1.1 or higher
– version or higher PG – version 0.30 or higher
– version or higher TGS – version 0.11 or higher
– version or higher GT – version 1.1 or higher
– version or higher
HGC/MGB/GB/PG/TGS/GT v1.21 or higher

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