Founded in 1961 by André and Coqueline Courrèges, the Courrèges house revolutionized the world of
fashion and design. Movement, purity, colour, light… such are the hallmarks and distinctive style that
Courrèges began asserting as early as 1965 with the emphasis on structured lines and the focus on
white, before branching into colour variations and new materials, such as vinyl. Eminently optimistic
and full of energy, Courrèges has blazed a trail in every field where it has ever dared to venture, such
as perfumes in 1971 and menswear in 1973.

The revival of this legendary brand is now taking on a new dimension with the decision to change the
positioning strategy for its fashion, accessories and perfume activities. It is still focused on its mission
of continually offering a growing range of innovative and modern designs in keeping with the brand’s
original ideals.

Building on the extraordinary heritage associated with the brand, the Courrèges project takes a new
turn in 2020 with the nomination of Adrien Da Maia, CEO and Nicolas Di Felice, Artistic Director, to
write a new successful chapter of this legendary house.

Under the leadership of Nicolas Di Felice, the Courrèges house is now experiencing strong growth in
its fashion and perfume activities.  To complete Nicolas Di Felice’s team on the Men’s activity, the GROUPE COURREGES is looking for a « Men Designer » whose main missions will be to:


  • Participate in the development of the themes and the colour range of the collection in close collaboration with the Artistic Director
  • Help to develop the studio’s creations according to the orientations and themes chosen by the Artistic Director
  • Carry out iconographic, vintage, shape and detail research 
  • Make moodboards and technical drawings
  • Research materials and supplies in collaboration with the sourcing department
  • Propose new designs and new materials
  • Actively contribute to the respect of the deadlines in accordance with the collection plan
  • Explain the designs to the atelier and/or external manufacturers and participate in the fittings of the prototypes
  • Actively participate in monitoring the development of prototypes in collaboration with product managers and manufacturers
  • Participate in trade shows, ensure a permanent style watch, initiate and monitor research and development activities

The candidate must show creativity and intuition, with attention to detail. Passionate, he/she knows
perfectly the construction of a garment and has a solid knowledge of fabrics.
He/she must have a good understanding and a very strong sensitivity for the Courrèges brand.
He/she must demonstrate excellent communication and a know-how allowing him/her to work in a
team, to federate, to have a very good stress management and an ability to adapt; but also integrity
and a remarkable sense of work. Knowledge of illustrator, photoshop and indesign softwares is

Experience and understanding for « menswear » and women « outerwear » is required, with a
minimum of 3 years of experience in an environment such as Courrèges.

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