Burn is an extremely common word used in fitness. But what does it actually mean? Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Gauthaman Ramesh, Fitness Expert, Cult.fit said, “The burning sensation that you get on your muscles during a workout is a sign that your muscles are being worked close to their optimal levels of performance. This generally means that there is a lot of muscle rebuilding happening which will increase strength, improve body composition, increase joint strength, and improve mobility as well. All of these are the outcomes that we desire. Hence, aiming for this burn during a training session is a good thing.”

Gauthaman Ramesh further busted a lot of myths related to high impact workouts. He said that contrary to popular belief and as the name suggests, high impact workouts do not create the greatest burn. In fact, high impact workouts entail movements that will be fast and short – hence, the muscles are not used for a longer period. Also, high impact workouts cause greater joint stress and may not be the best bet for people as it leads to increased risk of injury.

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However, this doesn’t mean that high impact workouts do not have their defined place in fitness. It helps in increasing speed and agility of the body, but are only a few components of general fitness. “Low impact workouts are usually more joint-friendly, pose a lesser risk of injury and are great to build muscle and are generally lower in speed as well. This increases the time under tension for the muscle and creates a greater burn,” said Gauthaman Ramesh.

He further noted down a few easy ways to increase burn during low impact workouts:

Weight: Increase the weight that you use

Tension: Slow down the reps significantly and increase the time under tension

Negative reps: Slow down the negative reps

Paused reps: Perform paused reps (for example, rather than a regular squat, squat down and hold that squat for 5 secs and then come back up.)

Combination: Combine two exercises and perform them back-to-back without rest. These are called super sets.

Machines: Use machines. Machines are a great way to reduce impact and control the movement

Weight-free movements: Use bands and perform free-weight movements. (for example, Banded barbell squats – The bands provide additional constant tension and engage glutes more)

Lower weights: Increase and slow down the reps with lower weights

Gauthaman Ramesh further added that for people focused on general fitness. Low impact training can bear results. A few high impact training routines combined with low impact training can bring in more consistency as well.

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