How Can You Protect Plants While You’re On Vacation

How Can You Protect Plants While You’re On Vacation

You make your plants beautiful; you adorn your garden with colorful flowery plants, vegetables, and even with fruity trees. Your consistent hard work and regular routine show your hard work. So what to do with your plants when to plan to go on vacation. How you can keep your garden in its actual shape without too much care in your absence. Don’t worry here I”ll tell some tricks that keep your plants watered and great for the forgetful garden. Buy Plants Protection From There.

Note: use these tricks only for herbs type plants, some houseplants, and vegetables that need regular water.

DIY Drip System

Take a clean and empty plastic bottle. For a small container, the plastic bottle is enough. Drill a lot of holes and drainage into the bottle at the top of the bottle or near the mouth of the bottle. Provide normal water to your plants before going on vacation. Now fill the bottle with water on the day you’re starting your journey. Keep the bottle pretty away from the plant and keep it in the soil to cover the holes. When the soil becomes dry, it will take the water from the container according to its need. For large pots, you can take big containers.

Plants Bath

Yes, you can give a bath to your plants. Fill your kitchen sink or bathtub with few inches of water. Now to avoid any scratches keep a towel in the sink. Rest the plant in that tub, and you can be lost on vacation even for a week. The roots will drain water according to their need. If your plant needs a heavy amount of sunlight, then set this procedure near the window where they can absorb enough amount of the sun. And if the plants don’t need sunlight, then put them in a dark place to avoid any damage.

Plastic Bag Greenhouse

This is another method you can grow your garden beautiful. Take a plastic bag and cover it around the plant and keep in mind that it should not touch the plant’s leaves. If it touches the leave from the edges a little bit, it’s okay. So avoid to any touch add sticks in the pot, it would surely keep away the bag from the plant. Keep the plant into the area where direct sunlight does not reach the plant. Because direct sunlight can burn your plants. Now it will grow your plant automatically for a long time, and you can make fun of the holidays without the plant tension.

Final Verdict

To warp up the discussion if you want to enjoy the holidays and worried about the plant at the same time, these tricks will really prevent the plant from dying. These are tested methods, so don’t worry about any damage. Now you can make your holidays perfect and stay there for a week, enough a week? Try these tricks and enjoy!!!!!!


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