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Stettler’s town council had a full docket for its Oct. 17 meeting.

Council’s first order of business for their Oct. 17 meeting was a presentation from the town’s Recreation and Culture manager, Brad Robbins. Robbins was updating council on efforts to purchase a treadmill which was an approved expenditure in the 2023 budget. It has been recommended that instead of the treadmill, the town purchase a stationary recumbent bike and a standup bike.

Robbins explained that the town’s fitness equipment had been assessed and that the fitness supervisor suggested that they replace a couple of existing bikes instead; the town had approved $11,000 for the new treadmill, and Robbins was requesting an additional $802.25 for the purchase of the new bikes instead. Robbins did note that the Town’s contract with equipment supplier Liv North does give them a $2,000 discount on the purchase. Robbins request for additional funds for the bikes was carried with a motion from Coun. Cheryl Barros.

Robbins then presented the Community Impact Report from the town’s participation in the Alberta Healthy Communities Initiative. The Town has been operating the Stettler Wellness Network under a grant which Robbins had applied for with the County Recreation Director. The Network is a partnership between both Robbins and the County of Stettler’s Recreation Director, The Stettler Youth Centre and the McMann Family Resource Network.

The Initiative was originally a three-year project but was extended to four due to COVID. Robbins said that the Network was successful in establishing many new community connections; they were also able to share the story of their efforts in the community with provincial groups. In addition to community groups being able to use the Network’s Block Party Trailer at many events in the community, they have also helped to establish a volunteer portal on Stettler Connections to help organizations find volunteers. Robbins noted the Network is looking to continue its efforts in the community.

Coun. Gord Lawlor put forward a carried motion to accept Robbins’ presentation as information.

Stettler airport status

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Leann Graham then updated council on the status of Stettler Airport and the work being undertaken at the property. The airport has received a grant for improvements to the runway and the buildings. Graham explains she has been in contact with her counterpart at the County and that the county has agreed to continue its agreed portion of operating costs and that the town and county are sharing the cost of the GPS land system. Coun. Wayne Smith motioned to accept the CAO’s presentation.

Red Deer River Municipal Users Group

Graham continued presenting, this time regarding a request from the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group for the town to issue a letter of support to the province which would begin the process of assessing the creation of new in-stream storage on the Red Deer River. This would be in addition to the existing Glennifer Lake and Dixon Dam systems. Coun. Smith asked for clarification as to how a new system would be beneficial, and Coun. Baker explained that it would be similar to having another case of water in addition to an existing case of water. Essentially it would be for drought mitigation efforts. Coun. Baker also noted the Red Deer River is the only river basin with a single in-stream storage system. Coun. Barros motioned for a letter to be drawn in support of the user group.


Council briefly discussed drawing up a letter of support for Clearview School Division. The letter would be in support of Clearview’s plans for new schools and multi-use facilities, without committing the town to a financial obligation at this time. CAO Graham presented a draft of the letter they plan to issue, which has been cleared by the Town’s legal advisor. Coun. Baker motioned to proceed with the letter to Clearview and the motion was carried.

Council would then approve the 2024 budget request for the Heartland Beautification Committee with a motion made by Coun. Scott Pfieffer. The budget for the year is $22,200 which has been the same for the history of the Committee.

Assistant CAO Steve Gerlitz reported both the Operating and Capital budget for the council’s approval. Nothing in either budget shows to be outside of normal, and Gerlitz even noted that the Lion’s Campground brought in more money than had been expected. Coun. Lawlor motioned to approve the operating budget while coun. Travis Randell motioned to approve the Capital budget and both were carried.

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