A fitness-obsessed model has admitted that she refuses to date ‘lazy’ men.

Santana Rodriguez, who was born in Puerto Rico but was raised in Buffalo, New York, US, is well-known for her trim physique and washboard abs.

And it seems she likes her men to be as fit as her.

The influencer, who boasts nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram (@santanafit) works out at least five or six times a week herself to keep herself in top shape.

And she thinks her other half should do that same.

The model, who has graced the covers of Maxim, Harper’s Bazaar, FHM, isn’t short for male attention and is very picky about her suitors.

Fitness model Santana Rodriguez says she refuses to date ‘lazy’ men

She says she refuses to date anyone living a “sedentary lifestyle” or being couch potatoes.

And she’s now encouraging other women to do the same.

“Relationships with lazy people should be discarded,” said Santana, who is also a reality TV star and presenter.

“If a man doesn’t hit the gym, it absolutely will not work out between us.

“I’ve had this experience [of dating a man who wasn’t into fitness and it was like I was drowning along with him because my energy was depleted.”

Fitness model Santana Rodriguez poses in gym wear
She expects her other half to work out five times a week like her

The mum is dedicated to keeping her figure, hitting the gym every week and sticking to a healthy diet of fish, chicken, vegetables and her favourite snack: popcorn with hummus.

Santana added: “I train approximately 5-6 days a week, and the key is to focus more on the lower limbs.

“The recommended thing is to perform exercises every day for at least an hour, especially aerobics and weight training.

“I like to have a protein shake in the morning, a higher-based content of carbs in my meal for lunch. For example, pasta with a protein like chicken in it or a salad with chicken or tuna and for dinner a higher-protein meal consisting of fish or chicken with vegetables.

Fitness model Santana Rodriguez poses in a pink bikini
The mum likes to stick to a healthy diet of fish, chicken, vegetables

“My go-to snack is salt-less popcorn with hummus.”

Aside from sharing her passion for the gym, the model has also shared a list of criteria for any man hoping for a date.

She said: “Now, I date men who are confident, respectful, give me my space and are compassionate.

“They should love dining out and be both emotionally and intellectually intelligent (which is hard to find) and strive to be the best version of themselves.

“I like a guy who makes it a point to incorporate training and good eating habits into his life.”

Santana doesn’t care about age so will happily date younger and older men, so long as they keep themselves fit and “make her laugh”.

Ironically, the one time not to approach the influencer is when she’s working on her gains.

She added: “I don’t always train in the gym, I prefer the outdoors.

“I get bored with workouts so I constantly have to update and change my workout regime.

“I don’t like being bothered when I go to the gym. I want to be in and out of there within a certain time period.

“I lead a busy schedule so managing my time is critical.”

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