Fitness trainer Mariana Morais is giving something for fans to daydream about!

The popular model shared a few snaps on Instagram that featured her lying topless on her stomach while showing off her fit physique and her sunned buns in a lacy thong!

Topless Fitness Trainer Mariana Morais Flaunts Her Sunned Buns In Tiny Thong

Instagram | Mariana Morais

In one of her latest Instagram posts, the popular fitness guru stretched out on her stomach on white sheets as she posed on her stomach, hiding her face from the camera. Her long blonde hair fell in loose waves down on her back as she showed off her tiny waist and sun-kissed summer tan against the white sheets.

She is wearing a lacy green thong that put her sunned buns, but that’s about all she is wearing. Throughout the four photos in this Instagram carousel, the fitness trainer never once shows her face; however, she does move her hair aside, making it clear to her followers that she is topless without disturbing Meta’s sensitive filters.

Fitness Model Mariana Morais Naps Topless ‘In A Daydream’
Instagram | Mariana Morais

In another photo, the social media sensation moves her hair aside to really give fans a look at her slim profile and her back muscles. She is propped up on her forearms as she lets her long blonde hair fall beside her on the bed. This photo was taken from the waist up, teasing just the very top of her lacy green thong.

In the caption of this Instagram post, Mariana wrote, “In a daydream” next to the emoji of a cloud. One fan commented, “The person who took these pictures is the luckiest man alive.” BFF Alyssa Markey, who just spent time with Mariana in Mexico, commented, “It was me and I am lucky.” The fan responded, “then both of you are super lucky then.”

Fans Agree: Mariana Really Is A Daydream!

Fitness Model Mariana Morais Naps Topless ‘In A Daydream’
Instagram | Mariana Morais

Meanwhile, Italian singer Salvatore Imposa commented, “U so hot the bed is meltin’” along with a sweating emoji. Alyssa Market also commented on the post, writing, “Lemme lay up” in a separate comment. Mariana replied, “If you insist!” Another personal trainer, Lindsey Gordon, commented, “Stoppppp” alongside three heart-eye emojis.

Fans were also quick to gush over her steamy snaps. “I lost my Uber watching this,” one fan teased. “Extremely beautiful,” another follower gushed. “You are incredible,” a third fan chimed in. “You are the daydream,” another follower shared. “You are my dream,” another fan agreed.

Fitness Model Mariana Morais Naps Topless ‘In A Daydream’
Instagram | Mariana Morais

“How this girl is not a world famous supermodel is insane! I mean look at her in every picture, she’s absolutely perfect,” another follower gushed. “I could wake up to this,” another fan commented. “Flawless,” another follower wrote. “Perfection,” another follower agreed. “Can I be in that daydream?” another fan asked.

“Wow, looking beautiful,” another follower shared. “You’re perfect!!!” another fan exclaimed. “Dream girl,” another follower gushed. Actor and model Ricardo Chavez Jr. asked, “Can I have your back workout program?” to which Mariana replied, “Yes, follow me here.”

Fans Who Want To See Mariana Morais’ Back Workout Are In Luck!

Pinned to the top of her page, Mariana has an ad for her Beaar Body Beach Body program to teach her followers how to get her sculpted physique. Set to M.I.A.’s hit song “Bad Girls,” the fitness trainer stands on a beach in white crew socks, sneakers, and a pink thong bikini as she shows off her sculpted abs.

She is also wearing a white headband, white wristbands and has a white towel around her neck. She is also holding a white water bottle in one hand and squirts some into her mouth in the video as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back toward the sun. “WE ARE LIVE LET’S DO THIS 👊🏼😝 BEACH BODY PROGRAM! Click the ⛓ in bio & for limited spots & today only discounts!” she wrote in the caption of the post as fans and famous friends congratulated her on the release of her new program.

Interested in more Mariana Morais content? In another Instagram post, the popular fitness model asked her followers “What’s Cookin’?” in the kitchen as she ate a pair while wearing a tiny white bikini. Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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