Emily Skye, a fitness model, talks about how a cruel comment made her ‘obsess’ over’stubborn belly fat.’

During a photoshoot, a fitness coach was told she had a “belly bulge” by another model, which was embarrassing.

Emily Skye, from the Gold Coast, took to Instagram to share the moment she was told during a photoshoot in 2013 that “fitness models don’t have belly fat.”

‘I didn’t finish my lunch because I freaked out and felt extremely insecure for the rest of the shoot after the girl said that,’ the 36-year-old mother-of-two wrote in the caption.

Emily said she became ‘obsessed’ with trying to lose her’stubborn belly fat’ after hearing that comment.

‘I couldn’t get rid of it no matter what I did.

‘I was super lean, with visible abs, but the lower part of my belly protruded a little,’ she explained.

Emily’s post included a photo of her trim figure from 2013, when the mean model made the remark, as well as a video of her telling her 2.5 million followers that having a flat stomach is normal.

‘It’s that time of the month, and I get very bloated – a lot of retention and cramps that go along with it – aren’t we lucky, us women?’ she said in the video, her stomach protruding.

‘I just wanted to share this to show you that it’s normal – I get it, and most women do, so if you have bloating or anything like that, don’t worry about it.’

Emily concluded, ‘We’re beautiful whether we’re bloated or not.’

‘Because we have a uterus, other essential organs, and some essential fat to protect our reproductive system,’ the body confident queen reminded her legions of fans.

‘Even when you’re bloated, your body is amazing!! It’s keeping you alive!’ she wrote.

Many people praised Emily’s motivational message and expressed surprise at her colleague’s remark in the comments section.

‘What an idiot she was! And how damaging that can be to someone! Since you’re the one rocking it as a supermodel, I think you’ll be the one we’ll be listening to!’ one woman wrote.

‘What a great message! I’ll be more accepting of my body as a result of it.’

Thank you, Emily!’ exclaimed another.

‘Thank you so much!! I was just about to give up…’

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Fitness star Emily Skye shared the cruel comment she received from a model She was told ‘fitness models don’t have belly fat’ at a photoshoot back in 2013Emily said the comment caused her to become obsessed with getting flat absShe also shared an inspiring message that bloating and belly fat is normal Emily shared the story and message with her 2.5million followers on Instagram

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