The game contains a number of stories about the characters who possess the Tarnished Ring, the characters who befriended them, and the characters that the characters hate.

The series is based on the fantasy fantasy novel “The New Fantasy Action RPG” by J.C.Staff, released in Japan in 2013, and will be released in English in the United States in August 2014.

J.C.Staff consists of many world famous creators including scenarios writers Mihara Yasuko (Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) and Takeshi Koujou (Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Revolutionary Girl Utena).



1. Pentium IV 4th Generation (3.6 GHz)

2. Intel Core i7 4th Generation (3.6 GHz)

3. Pentium III (3.2 GHz)

System Memory

1. 4 GB DDR3

2. 8 GB DDR3

3. 10 GB DDR3


1. 340 GB

Disc 1:

1. English

2. Japanese

3. Thai

Disc 2:

1. English

2. Japanese

3. Thai

Disc 3:

1. English

2. Japanese

3. Thai

Disc 4:

1. English

2. Japanese

3. Thai

Characters and World

1. Characters

2. World


1. Campaign

Story & Background

1. Explanation of the Characters and World


1. Equipment


1. Interface

What’s New in the Version of (4.00.00)


English-language version and English text-only version added.


Chromatic Chromatic and Chromatic Mega Balance adjustments made.


Unlimited High-Sky Razor Wings and High-Sky Leaps adjustments made.


High-Sky Razor Wing, High-Sky Leaps, and High-Sky Leap adjustments made.


HP boost adjustments made.


Chromatic Mega Attack adjustments made.


Features Key:

  • Easily start a new game, anywhere, anytime: Simply access the game from
    your mobile device, and begin an epic adventure with your character built for only $4.99!
  • An ultimate fantasy action RPG: Shapeshift, skill, and level up to create your own unique hero with unlimited potential! The exhilarating combat is fun, accessible, and full of challenges.
  • Two complete game worlds linked together: The open fields of Andrast is for relax from your battles, and the deep dungeons and mines of Thistan are far away the shattered remains of the world beyond.
  • Recruit allies and team up with friends: Search for your allies among the team of other Lords; Travel back and forth to them if you need their help; Recruit them into your team.
  • Three kinds of monsters with 30 stages per world: Each world has three maximum stages in total, which are revealed through the monsters. Advanced technology allows the ancient world to fuse with a brilliant eye for detail.
  • Sneak-and-trick your way through the dungeons: Craft many kinds of items like swords, shields, and more, knowing that it is only a temporary measure to pacify the monsters. Leave behind only memories of your heroic strength.
  • Dive into dungeons with your allies to defeat their enemies: Defeating monsters gives experience points and items that you can use to level up. Along the way you gather excellent materials that can be exchanged for great items.
  • Eternal Story is creating a game world like none other, with a high sense of satisfaction through an upgraded game system, a completely original story by a team of talented developers. The story that unfolded in the game will somehow make you feel the story of the ancient fantasy tale.

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    “The most fascinating aspect of the game is that, while you only need to take responsibility for one character, you have to choose between different options.

    If you want to use your main stats to their fullest potential, then you have to equip high armor and weapons. Of course, that reduces your usability in other areas. If you take the safer path and equip low defense stats, then you’re able to master skills to deal with monsters.

    It’s a wonderful game where you can experience a variety of factors while pursuing your own goals.”

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    “The game has a sort of old-fashioned fantasy feel, like if a lot of the best music from the 1980s were translated to 3D.”

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    Reviews Elden Ring game:

    “Really enjoying this game, it’s a grand fantasy story told in RPG style.”

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    Reviews Elden Ring game:

    “The RPG element is something new to me, something I’ve never seen or even imagined before.

    The music and sounds are fun, and the character looks awesome.”

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    “The thing that really grabbed me is the soundtrack. The music when fighting is really cool, and feels like it’s going to set the mood in a very dramatic way.”

    – Apolong, “The New Fantasy Action RPG: RISE, Tarnished Review”

    Reviews Elden Ring game:

    “Usually, I don’t play games on mobile, and normally RPGs are only for consoles. But Elden Ring game truly took me by surprise.

    In my house, where there was a strong party, I was able to blow up a whole enemy troop before they got close. It was just so much fun.”

    – Eternaime, “The New Fantasy Action RPG: RISE, Tarnished Review”

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    • Main Features
    1. Freely create your own character
    2. In-depth combat with a new action system
    3. Variety of customizations such as weapons, armor, and armor pieces
    4. 1-on-1 battle mode
    5. Single-player adventure mode
    6. Elements that add a new action to the RPG genre, such as the Aide-Elstones
    7. Full online play
    8. Ranking in the world rankings for each character
    9. Heroe’s will be able to power up to level 24

    ●In-depth combat with a new action system (Jun 2018 added)
    The massively popular fantasy turn-based battle system has been updated.
    For the first time in the series, use a special action with the Aide-Elstones to chain multiple actions in a combo. Perform combos and end your combo by using items.
    ●Introducing the Aide-Elstones
    A set of unique equipment that can enhance items that appear in the world.
    For example, when you combine with the Aide-Elstones for a piece of armor, your equipped piece increases in strength.
    ●New content and customizations added
    Expanded customizations
    Craft another type of armor piece

    ●BOSS SPECIAL 2 (Jun 2018 added)
    • Addition of a second sub-boss
    You’ll need to perform the “Double-Bladed Attack” and various techniques in order to fight against the second sub-boss.
    – According to your level, you can perform 1 of the following attacks.
    – An ordinary combo
    – You can combo with a double attack.
    – You can perform a special attack

    ●Battle Mode for Single-Player (Jun 2018 added)
    • Battle is made up of a series of battles
    This mode allows you to battle a single enemy over and over.
    You can perform various attacks, and acquire more experience to level up.
    When you level up, you can choose to level up the attributes of your character, or increase your Attack, Defense, Magic attack and HP
    – Single-player mode can be played while in Story mode.
    – Battle mode can be accessed from the Battle button.
    – When you enter the game, you can select one of 3 races.
    – Depending on the class of your character, you can choose from a variety of classes, with a variety of weapons.
    – When you start the game, you can select a job and a level.


    What’s new:

    Talk about a bait-and-switch (which in video game terms would be to sell a game as immersive but in reality only perform very simple actions). I wouldn’t buy this game on even the most tenuous of hopes given the amount of hype this game has received.Game Title: Supernatural Mysteries

    Platform: Microsoft Windows

    Price: $2.99

    Developer: Fruit Fusion


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    I was curious if the Fruit Fusion team was tinkering around with something with something a little non-traditional with their latest game, or if it’s the usual fruit-based adventure show. Whatever the case, Supernatural Mysteries is a pretty fun platformer to play around with. It reminds me a bit of what Humble Bundle did with their awesome Castle Crashers, but if the rabbit isn’t your bag, the game should be on your radar.

    There are three episodes: The First, The Second, and The Third. In the first one, you start out playing on the outside of a huge pyramid. This go’s around. From there, you’ll have to overcome a multitude of obstacles and enemies to find the magical gemstone, and there’s spooky monsters everywhere.

    Each “episode” is three quests. In Episode 1, you find the first quest. This one is pretty straightforward, but there’s also a tad more of a gameplay curve than normal. In the middle of the second episode, you’ll have to enter the pyramid, and it gets a whole lot more spooky, especially once you come across some of the Temple Guardians. The final episode brings you back into your surroundings for the end of the game.

    Supernatural Mysteries runs similar to the Kiler Missions games. Each level has a boss guarding that area, and they’re collected together in the end for a grand showdown with the Big Bad. That’s kind of it, really. Supernatural Mysteries is a really fun little game that reminds me of Kiler Missions in its own right. If you’ve got some mindless time on your hands and want to kill a few minutes, Supernatural Mysteries is worth a quick glance.


    This game is kind of weird in the sense that it has a really high difficulty, and anytime in your adventure you pass a monster, whether it’s a demon


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    It looks like things are starting to work themselves out for Diablo III on the PC, as Blizzard just announced that they are starting to move away from the old “looks like we are done” message that was present a few days ago.

    Blizzard has released a new update for Diablo III on PC that confirms the “Seasons” are actually done, and that they are working on a new patch.

    This is the message that pops up on the game’s official forums:

    “Hi all,

    Thanks for your patience, and a bit of good news: We’re back to our regular development schedule as we work on the PTR.

    The new patch (1.0.1) is coming in the next two days (hopefully!).

    I’ll keep an eye on the forums to see if you guys have any questions.


    If you think that’s a bit of a tease, don’t worry, the real announcement will come tomorrow. Blizzard just wanted to fix a few “minor bugs” from the previous update before we all start looking too much into it.

    It’s a new patch just in time for the beginning of the winter season, so I guess it’ll be the first thing to really stress the CPU of the gamers at the moment.

    As always, it’ll be interesting to see if the hype trains will start again and the game might become a runaway smash hit again. Let’s see.

    Source: Diablo III forums 1, 2Preferential change of message length in natural long-distance walking.
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    Lands Between is a brand new fantasy action RPG that depicts an imaginary world that exists in-between the real world and the land of gods.
    Tarnished is a second-in-command in the Elden Band, and will face epic challenges as they journey into the many traps of the dark world.
    Elden Ring is a multiplayer action RPG that allows you to create your own character and fight with friends in real-time.

    Be a hero! Rise to take the role of the new Tarnished or create a new character to become an Elden Lord! Do you have what it takes to be ready to fight for a dream?

    This game may


    System Requirements:

    Supported OS:
    Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP
    Dual Core Processor, 1GHz or better recommended, 2GHz recommended
    Dual Core Processor, 1GHz or better recommended, 2GHz recommended DirectX: DirectX9, DX10
    DirectX: DirectX9, DX10 Memory: 256 MB of RAM recommended
    Internet Connection
    Sound: DirectX compatible sound card required.
    You can install the program manually from the.iso file if your DVD or CD ROM drive does not work, or if you do not have the application available on


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