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Ellipticals have seriously evolved since they were first introduced in the ’90s. Gone are those clunky “stair stepper” machines. Modern ellipticals feature full body workouts, advanced metrics and unique pedal designs to ensure you work hard, but your joints don’t. The workout is still intense (just the way we like it), but the machines are so much better.

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for an elliptical machine for your home gym. The best part? Many of these top picks are on sale — some as much as 50% off.

Best elliptical machines for your home gym

Today’s ellipticals offer intense cardio workouts, a variety of climb options and analytics on progress. There are even innovative pedal and design options to meet every user’s needs. 

A home elliptical machine typically costs between $500 and $2,000. We’ve found options that fit any budget. Expect some assembly upon delivery, which may take more than one person. 

Best combo elliptical/stepper: Bowflex M8


Bowflex’s Max series (30.79″D x 47.83″W x 65.2″H) earns 4.5 stars out of 5 with reviewers who noted the product’s easy assembly. Smaller in size than many at-home ellipticals, this elliptical is a space saver. It can fit into the corner of a guest room or office if a designated gym space isn’t an option in your home or garage.

Max combines the full-body, low-impact action of an elliptical with the power of a stepper, promising an intense calorie burn. Max comes with a magnetic media rack, there for your tablet or smartphone and an interactive backlit display.  The multi-grip handles help steady you in motion.

Purchase Bowflex’s JRNY app and create custom workouts or discover over 50 global routes that deliver real-time adjustments to your speed.

What we like about the Bowflex M8 Elliptical:

  • Compact design takes up less space in your home gym.
  • Over 200 virtual courses give you a variety of pre-designed workout routines to follow.
  • Smart custom workouts automatically adjust intensity and time as your performance and fitness improves.

$1,635 at Amazon

Before you assemble your new elliptical machine, you’ll want to put a dense rubber mat underneath. That mat will not only protect your floor from scratches, it will catch moisture and sweat while helping balance and keep your machine steady.

(To learn more, check out our article on how to buy floor mats for your home gym.)

Supermats High Density Commercial Grade Solid 36″ x 48″ Equipment Mat, $44 


Little assembly required: YoungFit Elliptical Machine


Featuring a large LCD monitor complete with tablet holder, Youngfit’s Elliptical (44″ x 20″ x 63″) arrives 90% pre-assembled.  Promising a “whisper quiet” magnetic driving system, this machine features 22 levels of adjustable resistance. The handlebars feature pulse pads and the LCD monitor tracks everything from heart rate and duration of workout, to calories burned and distance covered.

This elliptical is designed to engage 90% of the body’s muscle groups, making for an intense full-body workout for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros. No wonder this elliptical earns 4.4 stars from verified buyers who “love it.”

Be sure to clip the coupon before checkout and you can get this $799 elliptical for just $379 — more that half off its list price.

What we like about the YoungFit Elliptical Machine:

  • It arrives already mostly assembled, so you can start working out right away.
  • Foldable design makes it easier to store between workouts.
  • Built-in tablet holder lets you watch your favorite shows or read while you exercise.

$379 at Amazon

Unique pedal design: Sole E55 Elliptical


Driven by a whisper-quiet system E55 (‎26.38″D x 32.28″W x 8.66″H) earns 4.4 out of 5 stars from buyers who “love this product.” The elliptical is unique in that its foot pedal design features a 2-degree inward slope to reduce ankle and knee stress. While many at-home ellipticals have an unsteady side-to-side motion, Sole’s four back wheels sit on heavy-duty rails to provide more stability and a smoother workout.

E55 includes power incline levels to up the intensity of your workout and target different muscle groups. And built-in pulse sensors and a heart rate chest strap let you check your heart rate as you work out. 

What we like about the Sole E55 Elliptical:

  • Sloped and adjustable pedals fit the way you walk for a more comfortable workout.
  • Adjustable resistance and incline levels customize the intensity and the muscle groups targeted during every workout.
  • A heart rate chest strap is included for more accurate heart rate tracking.

$1,200 at Amazon

Best style: Mobi Fitness Elliptical 3-in-1 Machine


Mobi Fitness elliptical (‎61.1″D x 26.11″W x 70.22″H) features a 22-pound flywheel that delivers 24 levels of resistance to create a quiet, smooth workout that’s easy on your joints and back. The commercial-grade aluminum track evenly distributes weight to avoid wobbling and instability while in use.

Style-conscious gym enthusiasts will note the machine’s elevated aesthetic. The front-drive layout creates a more compact piece of equipment.

This elliptical supports riders up to 265 pounds. Its alternative handlebars and bi-directional pedaling make for the ultimate full body workout.

What we like about the Mobi Fitness Elliptical 3-in-1:

  • It offers 24 resistance levels.
  • You can connect to the free Mobi app to log workouts, or use pre-loaded routines.
  • Built-in sensors let you check your pulse throughout your workout.

$800 at Amazon

Take your elliptical sesh to the next level with a heart rate monitor, like this one by Polar. Use in your home gym or when you’re out for a run, connect with Bluetooth and get a real-time assessment of your heart rate and efficiency. 

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap, $80


Durable over time: Schwinn Compact Elliptical Machine


Made from durable steel, Schwinn 470 (28.2″D x 63.2″W x 70.1″H) features enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, which makes tracking and monitoring progress on app-based tracking tools that much easier.

Schwinn’s 10-degree motorized adjustable ramp creates a more challenging workout by enabling incline control, and the 25 levels of resistance offer a wide range of intensity and variety to your workout. The backlit LCD offers 29 workout programs. 

A highlight of this machine is the 20″ stride featuring Precision Path foot motion technology. It simulates a natural running motion, making for a more fluid workout that gets your hamstrings and glutes in on the fun.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that many reviewers commented on the ease of assembly. Rated 4.1 stars.

What we like about the Schwinn Compact Elliptical:

  • The 25 resistance levels provide a wide range of workout intensities.
  • Adjustable incline gives you even more workout intensity options and lets you work different muscle groups.
  • Automatically tracks your workout with your favorite fitness app via Bluetooth.


Value for the price: Niceday Elliptical Machine


Niceday’s Elliptical Trainer (48″D x 25″ W x 62″H) promises a “hyper-quiet” magnetic drive system designed to eliminate noise. Its easy assembly (according to reviewers) and low price point piqued our interest, but reviews from satisfied customers who used their Niceday Elliptical often, had us digging deeper.  

A 16 lb. flywheel and 16 resistance levels provide double the resistance levels than similar products. Its 400 lb. weight capacity and heavy-duty base, which is made from extra-thick commercial steel, make this model more stable than similarly priced machines.

A digital monitor displays time, speed, distance, calories burned and pulse, all calibrated to make your training more efficient. 

Regularly $800, Amazon Prime members can score this elliptical for just $450 (after $50 Amazon coupon).

What we like about the Niceday Elliptical Machine:

  • It’s a CBS Sports Essentials bestseller — our readers love this 4.5-star-rated elliptical machine.
  • With 16 resistance levels, you can customize workout intensity according to your fitness goals.
  • Its digital display tracks time, distance, speed, calories burned and pulse.
  • It features a built-in pulse sensor on the handles so you can check your heart rate regularly.

$450 at Amazon

Combo Workout: Teeter Free Step Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical


Built for long-lasting use, this cross trainer elliptical (55.25″ x 38″ x 52.5″) is constructed with commercial-grade engineering meant to stand the test of time.  This machine features and easy-to-read, cord-free digital console that tracks your progress, while the machine itself offers a seamless, quiet workout.

What we like most about this machine is it offers the full-body workout of an elliptical, with zero impact for users of all levels.

A terrific choice for users with Arthritis or knee issues, this machine takes the pressure off your joints, while still providing the intensity of an elliptical workout. Judging by its 4.6-star review score, satisfied buyers agree.

It’s $120 off at Amazon now.

What we like about the Teeter Free Step Elliptical:

  • Zero impact exercise is great for those with joint or back pain.
  • Give you the option to work just the arms, just the legs, or go for a full body workout
  • Features a dial on the handle to is easily adjust between its 13 resistance levels.

$929 at Amazon

Best under desk elliptical: Cubii JR1 Under Desk Elliptical


Getting your body moving doesn’t have to mean buying a heavy piece of equipment. If your space doesn’t allow for a full elliptical, or if you want to add a little movement to your workday (or TV time), an under desk elliptical gets your legs moving and your heart rate up.

Cubii offers a low-impact workout, with a built-in LCD display that tracks progress including strides taken and calories burned. Very little assembly and ease of storage earned this under desk elliptical 4.6 stars on Amazon.

What we like:

  • Under desk design lets you workout even if you have no time for dedicated workouts.
  • LCD display tracks distance, calories burned and more.
  • Features 8 resistance levels.

$249 at Walmart

Check stock now at Amazon

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