About NordicTrack Fusion CST Studio

NordicTrack’s Fusion CST Studio cable machine can provide strength training and cardio exercise all in one, making this machine all you need in your home gym. The sleek design includes a full mirror that can be used to check and correct your form. You can save up to five user profiles so everyone in the family can use it. And the magnetic resistance makes the machine smooth and very quiet, so it won’t disturb others. It has a total of 20 resistance levels that go up to 100 pounds.

Included with this machine is a touchscreen tablet that you can use to follow along with a variety of trainer-led workout options. A monthly subscription gives you a wide array of fitness programming, but it isn’t necessary to use the cable machine. It’s easy to get a great workout by just following along because the app will adjust the resistance for you automatically — no need to make any weight changes. Accessories Included in your purchase are the tablet, an adjustable height tablet stand, six removable handles, and two ankle straps. 

Why we like it

  • Strength training and cardio options all in one machine
  • Automatic resistance adjustments
  • Mirror helps with proper form and safety

What to consider

  • 100-pound max resistance may not be enough for some users
  • Only allows for five user profiles so may not be enough for some households

How to choose a cable machine

When choosing the best cable machine for your home gym, there are several factors to consider. Think about the overall size of the machine and the size of the space you have available. You should also think about how many exercises the machine will accommodate and the maximum amount of resistance it offers.

  • Number of exercises: If you’re just setting up a home gym and need a complete workout, a machine that lets you do full upper and lower body moves is your best bet. If you already have some equipment or are only interested in certain exercises, a machine with fewer options will suit your needs just fine.
  • Maximum resistance: Consider the total amount of available weight or resistance the machine offers and how it compares to your fitness level. You’ll want a machine that suits your current needs as well as future needs as you get stronger and reach new goals.
  • Size: The overall size of the machine is important to check carefully to be sure you have room for it. You also need to consider the space surrounding the machine and whether it’s big enough to use the machine effectively and safely.


To compile this list, our writers and editors reviewed top products on the market, compared specs and features and created a short list of the top cable machines on the market. Then, we used product descriptions, reviews and user ratings to find the best machines for each category. Note that we do not test every product but base our lists on our research, user reviews and expert opinions.


How many reps should you do on a cable machine?

The number of reps you do on a cable machine is going to depend on your current fitness level, personal goals and the specific exercise. Generally, between five and 15 repetitions per set is fine. The main thing to think about is if the resistance is enough to challenge your muscles to momentary failure and to make sure you have enough recovery time between sets.

Are cable machines as effective as free weights?

Cable machines are great for building strength since they provide consistent resistance throughout the range of motion. Cable machines are often considered a safer option since they control the range of motion and don’t directly load your joints like free weights. That being said, cable machines and free weights are both very effective modes of exercise, and both can be used in your workout program.

Is buying your own cable machine worth it?

Cable machines are a versatile and efficient form of strength exercise. If your home gym has the space and you have the budget, a cable machine is worth it to elevate your fitness routine. 


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