F45 Training has turned Red Deerians onto 45-minute, circuit-style workouts, guided by personal trainers.

Classes at F45 Training South Red Deer alternate each day between resistance or strength workouts, and cardio or HIIT (high intensity interval training).

“Every single day the room will be set up in a different format. No two workouts will ever be the same,” said Tracy Peters who owns and operates the franchise with her husband Todd, which is located at 2827 30th Ave. in Lancaster.

And F45 (functional, 45-minute) sessions attract a variety of people looking to improve their health and fitness.

“You could be working along side an athlete or a grandma, and everyone can do the same workout. It’s scalable for all fitness levels.

“F45 is very much a community. When people walk in our doors, no matter what age or fitness level or ability — they are on the team. We’ve fostered that from day one. Our members just make them feel welcome.”

She said two trainers in every class take members through guided, workouts. Trainers encourage members, correct them and give them options when needed.

“A lot of our members have existing injury or limitation. Some are pregnant. So we are there. We go around to make sure they’re doing things safely, appropriately, challenge them if they need a challenge, or give them a modification if that’s what they need.”

F45 Training got its start in Australia seven years ago and can now be found in over 55 countries. Calgary has 15 locations, but there is only one in Red Deer and it’s a neighbourhood favourite, she said.

“Thirty per cent of the population of Red Deer live within a kilometre of our studio so we do have a lot of people who live in that southeast corner of Red Deer who are members,” Peters said. “It’s so convenient for them. They can pop in before work, go home, shower, and then get to work. Our first class of the day starts at 5:15 in the morning and the class is almost full every day.”

Red Deer’s F45 Training opened in October 2019, and had to shut down five months later due to the pandemic, but members worked out at home to live Zoom sessions.

Peters said membership continues to grow and next month three high school physical education classes will be dropping in for weekly sessions.

To help people work towards their goals there are 45-day challenges with guided support from trainers and healthy recipes ideas. Local businesses donate challenge prizes and members celebrate with a end-of-challenge party.

“We know that for anyone starting any new program, there’s always the fear of the unknown so we really try to help eliminate that,” Peters said.

“We offer a trial week so people can try us. No pressure. They’ll know right away if F45 is a good fit for them. From there we either have punch passes or membership options.”

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