Fitness trainer Sohrab Khushrushahi isn’t mincing any words as he called out those who doubt the fitness dedication that actor Alia Bhatt has. In a new video, the fitness trainer slammed those who believe it’s all “fake” and that the star isn’t hard working enough.

In the video posted on Instagram, Alia Bhatt can be seen in the gym, lifting weights and training as Sohrab watches her. The trainer accompanied the video with a long note.

“‘She’s a star, obviously she doesn’t work hard and it’s all fake. ‘Let’s turn that on its head a lil and be more factual. ‘She’s a star cause she works so damn hard and takes nothing for granted, not even her fitness.’ Now, that sounds just about right,” he began the note.

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Sohrab, who has been with Alia for four years now, wrote that it is a big misconception that one’s stardom leads to the person taking things for granted. He detailed how Alia is one of the “hardest workers” he has seen and wrote that the actor works out at 5 am even when she has a 12-hour shoot shift.

“Let’s understand one thing, being a star doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. I’ve known Alia for 4 years now (thats how long we’ve been training together), yes she like every other human being has phases where she works super hard and those where she takes some time off. But the one thing that’s stayed constant through the 4 years that I’ve known her, she’s one of the hardest workers in the room.

“Up and training at 5 am today before a 12-hour shoot day – that’s hard work. Is it something out of the ordinary? No – but before they’re called stars, they’re human beings – just like everyone else who work as hard if not harder. Working our way back to being stronger, fitter and faster – no shortcuts,” he wrote.

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Alia is currently filming her actioner Jigra. The Karan Johar backed film is being directed by Vasan Bala is touted as a prison break actioner. It is scheduled to release next year on October 2.

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