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Photoshop is a powerful imaging and photo editing software that allows you to do almost anything you can imagine to edit your images. It’s an amazingly versatile tool that enables you to manipulate images in an array of ways.

Some of the most common functions include:

Selecting individual pixels using a brush, eyedropper, or magic wand.

Adding an image to an existing document in either background or foreground.

Creating clipping masks and using them to overlap layers of imagery.

Editing an image using selections and adjustments.

Correcting color variations with a color balance tool.

Add special effects, such as those including smoke, fog, and lighting.

Applying different filters, such as the blur, vignette, and emboss filters.

Trimming and masking a portion of a photo using layer masks.

Enabling you to add and manipulate images, shapes, and text.

Editing images with text using the rulers and guides.

Removing unwanted elements or features using the eraser or the healing tool.

Adding professional touches like shadows, highlights, and more.

Combining multiple images into one single composite image.

Organizing layers for ease of use and faster editing.

Editing text using the various tools.

Featuring built-in tutorials, Photoshop’s interface is easy to learn and use.

In Photoshop, all layers can be moved, sized, and reshaped using the tools shown in Figure 1. The layers are split into groups, so that you can access multiple layers at once using the layer mask.

Figure 1: Tools for manipulating images in Photoshop.

Image via Creative Cloud.

Most settings within the toolbars can be changed to suit your personal preference or any special needs that you may have. You can even change the way the tools operate.

You can even use your mouse to perform tasks in Photoshop. The best way to get comfortable with the software is to just start using the toolbars with your mouse and learning their functions.

It’s a good idea to start a new document first so that you can familiarize yourself with the interface. Use the File menu option to create a new, blank image.

Open the New Document dialog box by clicking the File menu and selecting Open or Save As. Your dialog box will look similar to Figure 2. Simply check the boxes to turn on the various features that you want to

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The PSD file format is a very common format for building websites and is used by a large proportion of the web. In other words, the web could not be as big as it is without the PSD.

It is not necessary to know all the features of this amazing software, but it’s important to know some essential elements of it. If you are already a Photoshop user, you can use it directly. But if you are starting to learn Photoshop, you can contact us and we can help you to learn it properly. We would be very happy to help you!

So, with no further delay, here are 10 essential things that Photoshop can do, most of the time.

1. Smart Objects

Is the most widely used feature of Photoshop because it is extremely useful. It allows you to work on layers, works on layers with transparency, copy/pasting, exporting and more.

Smart Objects let you work with layers with transparency.

Smart Objects let you save a Photoshop document in other formats such as PSD files or even in Microsoft Office and the creation of images in PSD is a basic feature for any web designer or even for web developers who are working daily with Photoshop.

Smart objects are an extended feature of Photoshop, however. You can think of them as smart layers.

Smart objects are basically a group of layers with some specific properties. These properties can be transparency, size, distance between objects, etc. You can edit them as you would with any layer and you can bring them into Photoshop and out of it.

2. Camera Raw

Camera Raw is the most exciting feature of Photoshop. It is a high-quality RAW photo editor that provides adjustment layers. These layers allow you to make any changes you want to adjust the color, brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, etc.

Most of the time, photographers use Camera Raw as an alternative to Photoshop’s Color Correction section. It lets you adjust the color or highlights and shadows. Also, for those who prefer to use Apple products, there is the option to convert RAW images into Apple’s images format.

Camera Raw includes all the essential tools for photo editing such as filters, adjustments and tools for resizing. These filters can be applied with the adjustment layer and the adjustment layers.

3. Liquify

Liquify is used to manipulate almost any part of an image. It is very useful for resizing, distorting

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* To activate the Clone Stamp tool, choose Tools>Photoshop>Fx>Photoshop>Warp>Extend] Brush.
* You can also create a brush preset for the Clone Stamp by choosing Tools>Photoshop>Fx>Photoshop>[Brush&Pen] Brush.
* A brush is also a great tool for color retouching by using the dodge and burn options.
* **Lasso tool:** Choose Tools>Photoshop>Lasso>[Make. When using the Lasso tool, you can select and draw multiple areas of an image.
* **Marks or Pen tools:** Choose Tools>Photoshop>Pen>[Make [or press Esc]. The pen tools create hard edges, soft edges or feather edges.

# Creating and maintaining layers

Layers are the main building blocks in Photoshop. A layer contains a specific bit of data or information. The different ways you can edit a layer in Photoshop include moving the layer up or down, editing its color, and even merging it with another layer.

## Laying Down the Basics

To lay down a new layer in Photoshop, simply press Shift+Ctrl+N (OSX: Shift+Command+N). This will place an empty layer above the one you’re currently working on, as shown in Figure 2-7. You can then edit the new layer just like any other layer.

**Figure 2-7** Creating a new layer.

You can create many layers and then apply different effects to them to improve the way your image looks. Select the Layer menu and click the New Layer icon or press Ctrl+N (Cmd+N) to create a new layer.

You can also name layers. For example, if you wanted to create a Layer called text, you would type **Layer: text** in the Name box. When you name layers, you must use only alphanumeric characters, periods (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_). Spaces and parentheses () are not allowed.

You can click the icon to the left of the name box to access the Layer and Layer Mask fly-out menus.

## Applying Effects to Layers

Photoshop comes with many ways to customize the look of a layer by applying an effect. You can modify the type, shape, size, opacity, and color of a layer, among other features. Layers are accessed from the

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2019:

Windows 7 or later
5 GB available space
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