Tyler Herro and his Instagram model girlfriend Katya Elise Henry welcomed their second child back in January, a son they named Harlem. He joined their daughter Zya Elise, who was born in September 2021.

The Heat guard and the fitness model appear to have put the drama surrounding possible cheating behind them. Herro is preparing for his fifth NBA season and Katya is hard at work helping others achieve the perfect booty through something she calls the “Project Booty Challenge.”

She launched what was supposed to be an 8-week program a couple of weeks ago by dunking all over her 7.9 million followers. She shared a video captioned, “All the different Era’s of my life… but you know what’s never changed? THIS BOOTY!”

Katya continued, “Project Booty is heeerreeee, but hurry up bc we start Monday!! If there is one thing I specialize in, It’s growing that booootyy!! You DON’T want to miss this. WBKfit.com or link in bio to sign up.”

After putting all of her followers on a poster, she stumbled out of the gate and ended up going silent for more than a week. On Wednesday, Katya made her return and announced that “Project Booty Challenge” was still on.

Not only that, but she explained her absence while sharing proof that she’s still got it and the challenge isn’t for her. She explained that she had a two-year-old’s birthday to plan and host, a three day trip without the kids, and then she got sick.

All of that makes it extremely difficult to be cranking out booty workout content. But have no worries if you were one of the ones looking to get in on the challenge. Katya’s pushing through.

Being A Successful Fitness Model Is All About Flexibility

The fitness model put together a new 6-week program as a result of the unexpected setback. She said, “We made this a 6 week program that’ll be on @wbkfit forevaaa. Which is perfect bc now I can hop on again probably starting tomorrow (if i am feeling 100%).”

“If anyone knows that life gets in the way, it’s me, so anyone else who wants to make this next week their first week of project booty… join me link in bio!”

Katya’s explaining what happened and why she wasn’t up to the challenge she launched, but she made sure that a healthy reminder that she’s not the one who needs the program was included.

She could have very easily just thrown her hands up and called it a day. It would have been much easier to cancel the whole thing. But she didn’t do that, she adapted.

That’s dedication. That’s perseverance. And that’s what it takes to push through an 82 game schedule year after year, especially the long road trips when the groupies come out.

You can sit around and worry about it or you can get to work and grind. Katya’s busy grinding and as a result her NBA baby daddy isn’t going to be the only one with people in their DMs. Some break glass in case of an emergency insurance should things go sideways.

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