Getting fit doesn’t require an expensive gym membership anymore. Nowadays, there are plenty of worthwhile home gym machines and equipment to facilitate worthwhile training. Plus, these modern mechanisms for muscle and fitness are more connected than ever with many silhouettes offering a digital experience bringing the class or studio right into your living room or dedicated training area (don’t worry, the tried and true barbell and squat rack combo is still a popular pick, too).

Still, however, shortening your workout commute by adding a home gym to your abode isn’t a simple buying process. These structures are often the most expensive investments you’ll make in your health and wellness journey, so finding the right silhouette for your goals, needs and (of course) space requires a little background research. Thankfully, we’ve opened our own doors to get a grip on the best home gym machines on the market, making the process less of a heavy lift for athletes such as yourself.

How We Tested

collage of home gym machines

Gear Patrol Staff

Okay, so testing all of these picks side-by-side would practically require a real gym’s worth of space, and try as we might, we’ve yet to have that available in the confines of our own homes. So, this roundup was painstakingly crafted over months and years involved with at-home fitness, with each pick earning its ranks in terms of how effective it was in use, how easy it was to install and operate, how much of a value it presented in comparison to a traditional gym membership and other factors.

We also looked at how compact and/or specially suffocating each profile was, because there’s no use in purchasing a home gym for yourself if it means giving up an entire floor plan to house the equipment. Finally, gym equipment is (typically) not the most aesthetically pleasing when contrasted by, say, a chic sofa or entertainment center, so looks and style were also considered in some instances, too.

To learn more about our testing methodology and how we evaluate products, head here.

Best Overall Home Gym Machine


BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

  • Great variety of workouts and modalities
  • Lifetime warranty for Power Rods
  • While compact, you still need at least 7 feet of height clearance for proper housing
  • Power Rods can begin to lose resistance over extended use

The best home gym machines are compact, easy to use and have the ability to hit every muscle group through a variety of exercises. No other piece of traditional home gym equipment checks all those boxes better than the BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym, in our opinion. With over 70 exercises to choose from, this bestseller uses BowFlex’s proprietary Power Rod system to produce up to 210 pounds of resistance, with optional upgrades of 310 pounds and 410 pounds.

How do the Power Rods compare to real weights? Most agree they’re better and safer. The Rods deliver smooth resistance that increases during the lifting motion. This type of action can be easier on your joints than traditional free weights. Assembly can be arduous, though, so we recommend opting for the in-home assembly add-on ($299).

a man sitting in a chair

Bowflex’s Xtreme 2 SE packs 70 different exercises into one machine.

Allison Pineault

For an in-depth look, read our full review of the BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym.

Best Upgrade Home Gym Machine


Speediance Gym Pal

  • Small, portable platform allows for use in multiple rooms without much issue
  • Tons of accessories to help you add variety to your training
  • Bluetooth control ring can be touchy at times
  • Need to be delicate with the outer plastic shell

This impressive machine from Speediance is one of our favorites because it packs a ton of workout potential into a sleek, compact silhouette that takes up less than 1 square foot of space when stored upright. We also enjoy the library of available classes via the Speediance app, and the option to create custom workouts gives power to the athletes as well. There are even built-in Bluetooth speakers that can play your favorite playlists and instruct you mid-training with rep cadences and other callouts.

Toggling through the impressive 220-pound weight range is also a breeze, thanks to the included Bluetooth control ring — but be sure to limit your touches, as we found this accessory to be somewhat sensitive at times. The Speediance Gym Pal comes in two packages, with the “Pro Max” bundle including ankle straps, a tricep rope, adjustable barbell and adjustable bench serving as our favorite. If you’re looking for a sleek, portable, lightweight vessel for all your training needs, look no further.

Best Budget Home Gym Machine


Gorilla Bow Original

  • Great alternative to traditional barbell exercises
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds of band resistance
  • Original Gorilla Bow doesn’t break down for convenient storage
  • Not suitable for those allergic to latex

If you want that barbell experience at home but don’t have the space for a traditional bench or squat rack, the Original Gorilla Bow can be a great workout experience at a fraction of the cost. Resembling a traditional longbow, the Original Gorilla Bow can hold up to four of the included bands for up to 300 pounds of tension. This can help you craft a well-rounded fitness routine that includes common gym movements like squats, deadlifts, rows and more.

We’ve really enjoyed how easily the bands can be strung across the aircraft-grade aluminum bow, as well as the barbell-like feel in your hands. If you’re not as versed in barbell training, Gorilla Bow offers a monthly subscription service ($14.99/month) that features live and on-demand training courses led by their expert team of fitness instructors. As our top pick for resistance training, the Original Gorilla Bow can be a great, cost-effective way to hit your mark with at-home workouts.

a close up of some pens

The Gorilla Bow’s wide variety of bands enable users of all strength levels to get a good workout.

Ben Emminger

For an in-depth look, read our full review of the Original Gorilla Bow.

Best Smart Home Gym Machine

Tonal Home Gym


  • Artificial intelligence curates workouts and working weights for you over time
  • The equipment takes up less floor space thanks to its wall-mounted profile
  • Vital accessories are an added cost
  • More of an involved installation process

Tonal is the epitome of tech-heavy fitness with 200 pounds of digital resistance and an integrated artificial intelligence system that adapts to your training much like a coach or workout partner would. As you grow and progress with varying exercises, the machine can automatically adjust the weight and correct your form for the sake of more efficient, worthwhile training. We also enjoy the massive 24-inch touchscreen that grants you access to a slew of on-demand and live classes via the subscription-based platform.

The Tonal is also one of our favorite home gym machines because it takes up zero floor space when not in use thanks to its wall-mounted nature. Admittedly, you’ll need some room surrounding the machine, roughly 7’ x 7’, to perform your exercises, but there’s no fear of tripping over your fitness setup when not trying to break a sweat.

Best Treadmill for Home Gyms

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Sole F80 Treadmill


$1,799.99 (36% off)

  • Built-in programming makes getting into a workout a breeze
  • Motor and frame are backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Extended arms can get in the of some gaits and running forms
  • Integrated fan isn’t the most powerful

Treadmills have long been an at-home fitness staple, and this performance-laden silhouette from Sole is more than ready to help you log those indoor miles. The F80 profile includes a number of built-in programs that give your cardio training some added zest, and toggling the controls across the 10.1-inch touchscreen display is simple enough, too. Additionally, this impressive treadmill boasts a wireless charging station, so your go-to devices can stay well-powered during your workouts (provided they support wireless charging).

The Sole F80 also earns our praise because it’s a mechanism designed for a lifetime’s worth of use. We’ve run on Sole treadmills before and admire the durability and craftsmanship across the silhouettes, but even if your rig starts to show its age, the motor and frame are backed by a lifetime warranty. If you have the floor space for a treadmill, this is definitely one profile worth considering.

Best Elliptical for Home Gyms


NordicTrack AirGlide 14i


  • Large 14-inch touchscreen display
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance allows for quiet, efficient training
  • Requires a monthly membership to access the iFit library of workouts
  • 18-inch stride length may be too short for some

Another popular home gym apparatus is the elliptical. Their low-impact nature and smooth, gliding motion make them excellent for less intense sessions as well as athletes suffering from joint discomfort. In our opinion, the AirGlide 14i from NordicTrack is one of the best of the bunch thanks to a sleek, quiet Silent Magnetic Resistance, auto-adjusting settings that toggle your speed and incline in-step with trainer-led workouts and a beautifully massive 14-inch touchscreen display. We also enjoy how compact the machine is with its 18-inch stride length, but admittedly, this may be too short for taller athletes.

As with other NordicTrack fitness equipment, the AirGlide 14i elliptical utilizes the brand’s iFit platform for live and on-demand workouts. While your initial purchase gives you a 30-day trial with the service, a monthly subscription is required after that test run. If you’re dropping over $1,600 on a single piece of fitness gear, having a recurring charge added to the mix can be a little too much to take on.

Best Rowing Machine for Home Gyms


Aviron Strong Series Rower


  • Gamified workouts keep training fresh and inviting day after day
  • Frame allows for vertical storage when not in use
  • Air resistance system can be louder than other machines in this guide
  • Construction can be arduous without the right tools

The Aviron Strong Series rower makes working out fun, period. Thanks to the brand’s dedication to gamified fitness, this impressive profile offers up an arcade’s worth of workouts and programs that allow you to train intensely without feeling like you’re exercising at all. We also enjoy the other integrations of this home gym must-have which include popular music and content streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.

Additionally, the Strong Series Rower is one of the few rowing machines on the market that support vertical storage without the need for extra wall anchors. This can make cleaning up post-workout much more approachable while still saving your floor space for other daily tasks. While the air resistance at the front of the machine can growl and rumble throughout training, this Aviron silhouette has been an easy way to level up our at-home workouts.

aviron strong series rower

The Aviron Strong Series Rower offers a plethora of fun ays to train, from watching Netflix to playing exercise-based games.

Ben Emminger

For an in-depth look, read our full review of the Aviron Strong Series Rower.

Best Stationary Bike for Home Gyms


BowFlex VeloCore 22-Inch Bike

  • Leaning mode creates a more realistic riding experience, simulating on-road twists and turns for more core engagement
  • 3-pound dumbbells included for off-bike training
  • Nearly five feet in length, which is large when compared to other stationary bikes
  • Some have stated the audio quality can be lacking at times

Pedaling along on a stationary bike can be great for busting out some cardio training, but to add some other modalities, you typically need to hop off the pedals to lift, stretch and perform other exercises. Well, the 22-inch VeloCore Bike from BowFlex allows you to stay in the saddle for some light dumbbell exercises as you follow along with the JRNY-provided live and on-demand classes, but where this at-home gear really earns its rank is in the Leaning mode. Simulating banking around a turn when on-road cycling, this interactive feature allows you to engage your core as you pedal, leaning left or right to really boost your regimen.

The VeloCore 22-Inch Bike also features wheels at the front for easier maneuvering around your space, but make sure you have enough room to house this impressive indoor cycling unit. At nearly five feet in length, this equipment is a bit larger than other spin bikes on the market, not to mention the additional clearance to engage the Leaning mode.

Best Fitness Mirror for Home Gyms


The Mirror

  • Sleek design that fits any space
  • New live classes every day for mixed training routines
  • No touchscreen controls
  • Not the best option for those looking for weighted strength training exercises

Sleek and elegant, the Mirror is perhaps the only piece of fitness equipment type A personalities won’t mind hanging in their living room. Measuring 56 inches tall and 22 inches inches wide, it will not only fit in the smallest of NYC apartments, but it can also double as a full-length mirror.

Like all connected fitness equipment, the Mirror offers a wide range of live and on-demand classes for up to six profiles at $39 per month, with such programs including favorites from some of the nation’s most popular studios including AARMY, DOGPOUND, Pure Barre and more. While this machine definitely caters more toward bodyweight and agility exercises, if you really want to dive into the library, we have no doubt you’ll be able to find a session that suits your needs.

Best Home Gym Machine for Weight Training

Force USA

Force USA G10 Pro All-in-One Trainer


$2,999.99 (33% off)

  • Constructed from durable, sturdy 11-gauge steel
  • Unique interchangeable cable ratio system that allows for 2:1 and 4:1 load ratios
  • Accessory kit cannot be parceled out
  • Shorter unit height can compromise your stance in some exercises

Weight training can be an excellent form of at-home exercise, but accumulating loads of weight plates and benches can easily suffocate a room or garage once you begin to add everything up. This compact G10 machine from Force USA allows for up to 12 strength training movements in one silhouette with a unique cable ratio system that can be toggled from 2:1 to 4:1. This means that the weight can be halved or quartered for a wider working range of resistance.

We also appreciate the available Upgrade Kit from Force USA that adds jammer arms, a leg press attachment, TV mount and more to your setup, but we do wish this package could be diced up for more cost efficiency. Additionally, while the compact yet durable frame of this G10 is a nice perk for small spaces, the shorter height could lave taller athletes in a compromised stance during some movements like lat pulldowns.

Best Traditional Weight Set for Home Gyms

Again Faster

Again Faster Ignite Package

  • Aggressive knurling creates a great sense of grip during heavy movements
  • Virgin rubber plates don’t carry that off-putting rubbery smell
  • Knurling may be too toothy for novice athletes
  • Requires a bench or rack for proper lifting movements

Sometimes, hitting the iron (in this case, rubber) is all that’s necessary to carve out your desired physique. We appreciate the Ignite Package from Again Faster because it can be customized to your needs and wants. Choose between a 15kg or 20kg barbell, and you also have the option of weight plate sets ranging from 160 to 350 pounds. Plus, the bundled makeup of this kit doesn’t mean the equipment is shoddy — the barbells provide excellent structure and grip in a slew of hard-hitting workouts.

We’re also big fans of the virgin rubber plates included in this package, which keeps that rubbery old tire smell at bay. Now, we do recommend pairing this weight set with some well to do mats or home gym flooring to help preserve your abode’s foundation, but if you want to take your training back to basics, this can be a great place to start.

Best Resistance Bands for Home Gyms


Bodylastics Resistance Bands Set

  • Multiple accessories included for a wide variety of exercises and movements
  • Durable inner cord helps improve the durability of each tubed band
  • Ankle cuffs could be tighter to limit movement during workouts
  • Door anchor requires a sturdy door for optimal security

Like the Original Gorilla Bow listed above, this resistance band kit from Bodylastics allows for a slew of movements and sessions that can easily tax your body without the need for bulky equipment or gear. We’re fans of the six-band kit listed here which includes two heavy-duty handles, two heavy-duty ankle straps, one small anywhere anchor and one heavy-duty door anchor for mixing up your circuits. Naturally, though, other packages are available with different resistances and accessories that can cater to your needs more.

The Bodylastics Resistance Band Kit also employs a unique inner cord system within its tubed bands, which can be excellent for preserving the devices through multiple stretches, extensions and contractions. Also, the door anchor is great for really leaning into your workouts, but we caution you to use this accessory on a well-built, structurally-sound door. You do not want these bands to come flying into the center of your back mid-rep … trust us.

Best Portable Home Gym Machine


MaxPro Fitness Cable Home Gym


$769.00 (30% off)

  • Device weighs only 9 pounds and comes with a convenient travel case
  • Pre-assembled design eliminates the need for a day’s worth construction or installation
  • Cables do have a break-in period
  • App integration can be improved

Are you really cramped for space yet still want to have a home fitness setup at the ready? Consider the MaxPro Fitness Cable Home Gym, a unique platform that weighs just 9 pounds yet packs in 300 pounds of resistance for hard-nosed, worthwhile training day in and day out. We also appreciate the included carrying case that allows you to take your workouts wherever you roam.

The MaxPro Fitness Cable Home Gym also earns its spot in this roundup given its pre-assembled design — no need to clear your schedule to set up or install your home gym. Just unbox, fold the legs out and get to work. While this is a definite perk in comparison to other, bulkier silhouettes, there is a little break-in period when it comes to the cables. Those first few reps will be a little staticky and jagged upon initial use, but soon enough, the operation will run as smooth as butter on a biscuit in July.

Best All-in-One Home Gym Machine

Force USA

Force USA G20 Pro All-in-One Trainer


$5,999.99 (14% off)

  • Multiple weight plate holders for a clean, organized setup
  • Included smith machine barbell can house over 775 pounds
  • One of the most expensive units in this guide
  • Heavy profile requires multiple hands for installation and moving

There’s a lot of home gym machines in this roundup that house multiple workouts, exercises and accessories for varied training … but this quality setup from Force USA seems to have everything and the kitchen sink strewn across its frame. The G20 Pro includes a cable resistance system, smith machine capable of housing up to 794 pounds, barbell rack, multiple pull-up grip points, an optional lat pulldown station and more for an ensemble that rivals some full-fledged training centers out there.

All this equipment and possibility requires a downright stable frame, and Force USA backs up all of the training potential with a skeleton constructed from heavy duty 11-gauge structured rolled SteelForce Tubing. Yes, it’s a mammoth of a machine that should likely stay on the ground floor of your home, but if you’re looking for an excuse to never step foot in a gym again, this all-encompassing apparatus has you covered with tons of available exercises and movements.

Best Home Gym for Garage Gym Enthusiasts

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness T-3 Series Power Rack


$441.97 (15% off)

  • Durable 11-gauge steel construction
  • Height and depth options for a better fit within your training space
  • Squat safety bars sold separately
  • Recommended that you bolt down the structure for improved stability

Building your own pain cave in the confines of your garage? This T-3 Series Power Rack from Titan Fitness can be the perfect first piece of the puzzle. We enjoy the sturdy, durable 11-gauge steel frame of this garage gym staple and appreciate the number of accessories available for the rig as a whole. Sure, we’d appreciate the inclusion of some squat safety bars in the base package, but at least there are safety accessories available for this particular silhouette.

The Titan Fitness T-3 Series is also one of our favorites given the customization at play during purchase. You can choose between a rack height of 82 or 91 inches, as well as a rack depth of 24 or 36 inches. This can be great for creating the ultimate home gym experience that actually, you know, fits in your home. We do recommend bolting this structure down, though, as re-racking a heavy load can cause the rack to jostle if not secured properly.

What to Look for in a Home Gym Machine

Before you commit to getting your at-home workout routine started, there are a few key things you need to consider. First and foremost, make sure you have enough space to accommodate your new training equipment. Home gym machines can vary from the sleek and minimal, to the bulky and room-swallowing. Pay attention to your machine dimensions and break out that trusty measuring tape to ensure you have the room.

Second, take a look at your fitness goals and evaluate how much you want to invest in your training. Is a quality home gym pricey? Yes and no. Be prepared to spend between $1,000 and $3,000, on average. To ease the initial blow to your wallet, most equipment can be financed monthly for around the price of a gym membership. So, if you crunch the numbers over the long play, you could end up saving money with the home gym route. It’s worth noting, too, that with connected fitness equipment, you’ll oftentimes have to pay an additional monthly fee for access to live and on-demand classes. These fees typically range from $39 per month to $69 per month.

You should also think about how you want to work out and what additional equipment will be needed for your desired exercises. If you just want to stick to cardio-centric training like rowing, cycling or running on a treadmill, great. There’s plenty of options available. But if you want more flexibility and prefer bodyweight or strength exercises, look for traditional machines or connected devices offering those modalities. You can add gear like adjustable dumbbells, weight plates or resistance bands to fuel your workouts, too, depending on how much you want to build out your dream home gym.

Lastly, if you’re worried about setting up your new home fitness equipment, most companies offer a convenient setup service for a reasonable fee. While you can always go the DIY route, we highly recommend utilizing this option, especially when hanging connected equipment or working in tighter spaces — you want to challenge your muscles, not your sanity.

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