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 The track maker known as the Porsche 917/30—one of the most popular racing cars of all time—is coming back to the North American market, and it’s going to be available to purchase from Porsche’s web store.

The two-seat Porsche 917/30 was constructed by a contractor from Saarbrücken, Germany, and sold in the United States from 1966-68. It was powered by the same rear-engine layout as the Porsche 907/10 and featured a completely flat bottom and no roll bar.

The Germany-built 917/30 benefited greatly from racing and homologation, because a number were imported into the United States in 1968, where its supercharged engine produced 640 hp. Though the “30” had been dropped from the engine’s name at the time the car went into production, it was restored to the original “917” badge in 1988.

This Porsche 917/30 is only the first of a number of legendary speed machines Porsche is giving a rebirth, such as the 1970 911 SC track car and the hotly anticipated and rare Boxster-based 904/06 racer.

There are no official plans to sell the 917/30 with the original single-seat body, which featured a much more upright position, but it’s likely the likes of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS are able to create one for the track.

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How to install debian package within the chroot?

I am trying to package an apt package. The package is called, and I know the name of the root folder, but I don’t know the path to the chroot.
I’d like to do a basic test install of the package, without actually building it.
The package is here
If I try from my host system (Ubuntu 18.04):
dpkg -i../blah.deb

I get
/bin/sh: 1:../blah.deb: not found

If I try from my chroot:
dpkg -i..

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I’ve never programmed anything and I’ve never used Mathematica before. I’d like to make a side panel in my program that allows me to play songs on my Android phone. I’ve made a jpg file for the side panel, and I know how to read a file, but the audio format is not the same as the jpg so I can’t save the song as a jpg. How do I convert the.mp3 audio file to jpg? Thanks!

Hello!I have a question about Mathematica.I am trying to learn Mathematica. I have come upon a problem that I need some help to solve. Here is the question. Could someone help me to solve this problem? I really want to learn this. You can just take a look at the question and hope that someone could help me with the answer. Thanks in advance.

I have a 15 year old son. I am a paperless mom (no paper, period) as far as my son is concerned. He loves to go through his old stuff (photos, teeshirts, etc) and find things he has forgotten about. I don’t want to allow him to go through all of my stuff and I feel a lot of the older phones are a lost cause. So, I am looking for a program that can find just the phone numbers of the contacts in my contacts that are older than 18 and save that information to a text file or something. Will some program work to do this? I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

I have a problem with displaying a multi function in my program.My program has two is to check the time.the other is to set the time.I want to combine these two functions. I tried to input the whole program as an expression,but it didn’t work.How can I combine these two functions?

I want to transfer three string variables(i,j,k) from the bottom to the top of the page. How can I do that?I don’t know where to put the code for it. I’m not familiar with Mathematica. I’m a new comer to this mathmatica world. I appreciate any help.

I want to make a program that can

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