Mini Mathur has been setting major fitness goals for a while now. From strength training to cardio and flexibility, she has been sharing glimpses of consistently working out in the gym, and the results are showing post a six-month stint.

Recently, the TV host and actor took to Instagram Stories to share that she has accomplished the task of fitting into one of her all-time favourite tube dress.

Take a look.

mini mathur Mini Mathur gives a fitness update (Source: Mini Mathur/Instagram Stories)

“Six months of rigorous training at the gym and finally fit into this dress I love,” wrote Mathur, 47 in a post that shows her posing in a blue tube dress as she takes a mirror selfie.

Previously too, she has been sharing snippets from her gym time.

mini mathur Mini Mathur advises women to workout (Source: Mini Mathur/Instagram Stories)


mini mathur Mini Mathur can be seen doing pullups (Source: Mini Mathur/Instagram Stories)

Impressed by her fitness transformation?

Seek some fitness inspiration from her and ace the game of fitness consistency with these tips.

Vishal Mankani, fitness expert and founder of Happy Healthy Holy shared that transformation happens with fitness and diet through a combination of factors which begins with a set exercise routine. “Regular exercise is crucial for transforming one’s body. This includes a combination of cardiovascular exercises (such as running, swimming, or cycling) to burn calories and improve fitness, as well as strength training exercises (such as weightlifting or resistance training) to build muscle and tone the body,” said Mankani.

He also added that transformation requires consistency and discipline in sticking to an exercise routine and healthy eating habits. “It is important to maintain regular workouts and make healthy food choices consistently over time,” mentioned Mankani.

Tracking progress is another essential aspect. “Regularly tracking progress helps to stay motivated and make necessary adjustments. This can be done through measurements, body weight, body fat percentage, or fitness assessments. Adjustments can then be made to the exercise routine or diet to continue progressing towards the desired transformation,” added Mankani.

What other changes can help?

Transformation is not just about short-term changes but also about adopting a healthier lifestyle in the long run. According to Mankani, this may involve making permanent changes to habits, such as reducing processed food intake, increasing water consumption, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

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