Aitana Lopez, aka Fit Aitana, has only been on Instagram for four months, but she already has over 110,000 followers and generates over $4,000 in monthly revenue. Not bad for someone who doesn’t exist.

Virtual models have been around for a few years now, and the advent of artificial intelligence has only made them more realistic and more popular. One standout representative of this new wave of AI-created digital influencers is Aitana, a cute, pink-haired female model from Barcelona who has managed to attract over 100k followers in just a few months. She only posts photos of her, since video is likely to make her digital form a bit too obvious, but every one of her photos garners tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Her popularity has translated into a steady monthly income for her creators, who claim that she generates over 4,000 euros a month.

Aitana Lopez is the brainchild of Barcelona-based communication agency The Clueless, whose management decided to invest in virtual models because of the high costs associated with using real models, such as travel expenses and accommodation. Aitana, on the other hand, can be anywhere at any time, and although the costs of creating her were high, she has already started earning her keep.

The Clueless openly markets its services on its website, allowing clients to use its AI-generated models for marketing purposes, and Aitana is apparently a big hit. Not only is she attractive, but the agency made sure her look, fashion style, and overall personality all fit today’s online trends, thus ensuring her popularity on social media platforms like Instagram. In just four months, she already has over 110,000 followers on the popular social network.

One of the things that set Aitana apart from all the other AI-generated models that have been flooding social media of late is her human-like appearance. Some AI platforms can churn out stunning human models, but the problem is most of them look flawless, which kind of gives them away as digital creations. The Clueless actually puts effort into adding physical flaws on Aitana. Sometimes they add wrinkles, other times they make it look like she didn’t brush her hair, all to ake her seem more human.

“We make them worse so that they don’t turn out so perfect. AI thrives on impeccable images, we do the opposite,” The Clueless team stated. “For one, we don’t leave the skin so smooth. If we showed you a photo of how it comes out of the AI, you would know that that skin doesn’t exist.”

Aitana Lopez is just one of several virtual models created by The Clueless. The agency believes that AI will play a huge role in the future of modeling and content creation, because it offers a level of specialization that is simply impossible to achieve with human models. This way, brands can have perfect models tailored specifically to their needs and specifications.

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