A 25-year-old Spanish model, Aitana Lopez, created using artificial intelligence (AI), has become quite popular on Instagram with 141,000 followers. This pink-haired AI model can earn up to €10,000 a month, that is around Rs 9 lakh. On an average, she earns €3,000 per month. Aitana was created by designer Rubén Cruz and his agency The Clueless. Her biography on Instagram reads, “Barcelona. Gamer. Fitness. Cosplay Lover.”

Talking to Euronews, Cruz revealed that he was struggling with projects as they were all on hold or cancelled. He explained that this was because of the problems with influencers and models and not with the designs. Hence, he thought of creating Aitana. He stated, “We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing.”

Now, they have their own AI model for the brands that approach them for different purposes, including advertising. It was also revealed that she uploads her pictures on Fanvue, a site similar to OnlyFans and has recently become the face of a sports supplement company. The creator also stated that she gets private messages from celebrities asking her out, as they are completely unaware of the fact that she is not a real person.

Cruz said “One day, a well-known Latin American actor texted to ask her out. This actor has about 5 million followers, and some of our team watched his TV series when they were kids. He had no idea Aitana didn’t exist.”

How was Aitana created? 

As per the report, the agency holds a meeting every week where they decide what Aitana will do the week, which photos will be uploaded. Since Aitana is an AI model, her photoshoots involve artificial intelligence and photoshop instead of wardrobe changes. Cruz told Euronews, “In the first month, we realised that people follow lives, not images. Since she is not alive, we had to give her a bit of reality so that people could relate to her in some way. We had to tell a story.”

Cruz revealed that she was initially created as a fitness enthusiast. On the website, she is described as “a strong and determined woman, independent in her actions and generous in her willingness to help others.” The AI model is created based on what society likes most. Her pink hair and gamer side is inspired from the trends.

Aitana Lopez is not the only AI model that the agency has created. Maia is also an AI model created by The Clueless agency. The names of the two models are not chosen randomly, they both have acronym for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in them.

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