Grand Island police are investigating after three lockers were broken into at Planet Fitness Tuesday afternoon.

Officers responded to the incident around 3:30 p.m. after a 51-year-old male said his locker had been pried open while he was working out.

Captain Dean Elliott says the front desk did not recognize the suspect as he snuck in during their busy hours.

“It doesn’t appear that they recognized that the person walked by because the person was coming into the front doors at the same time. Another couple came in, another man and woman came in, they stopped to show their key or to have their key card swiped or their app on their phone swiped. This person just walked right on by,” Elliott said.

Elliott says the perpetrator was in the locker rooms for twenty minutes before leaving the gym.

“During that time, it appeared that he had pried open and damaged three of the lockers inside the men’s locker room. One the actual door was completely broken off the hinges and the other two, he was able to gain access by prying open one side and getting his hand inside,” Elliott said.

Among the missing items were credit cards, IDs, and someone’s car keys. Police believe the suspect made quick use of the keys, unlocking the person’s vehicle, and stealing more than one thousand dollars in cash.

Although there has been one to two more instances at this location, Elliott says they have not seen a rise in break-ins in Grand Island.

“I wouldn’t say we’ve seen an increase in break-ins per se, you know. Again we always recommend that the public take protective measures for themselves to keep their property safe,” Elliott said.

However, authorities say as we get closer to the holidays to keep an eye on your things, which includes keeping your keys on you while you work out and your personal belongings locked inside your car.

Local gym members Nita Lechner and her grandson Riley Voss say the people are what make working out enjoyable.

“It’s sad to hear that because it’s such a great place to come, you know it’s affordable and fun. The range of people that come is what it makes it attractive to me,” Nita Lechner said.

Lechner also shared her reaction when finding out about the incident.

“I think it’s scary, because they’re usually really on it at the desk you know, and you go up and check in with your phone and it’s pretty simple,” Lechner said.

Police are currently working with the gym to obtain the surveillance tape and will release the suspects image once they have reviewed the footage.


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