Fitness guru Jac Cordeiro is showing fans how she achieves her fit physique while still staying cool this summer!

The JacFit founder – who just so happens to be dating A-Rod right now – shared a video that featured her working out in a pink thong bikini that gave fans “Barbie” vibes.

WATCH Fitness Model Jac Cordeiro Do Push-Ups In A ‘Barbie’ Pink Thong Bikini!

In one of her latest Instagram videos, the fitness model proved that workouts don’t have to stop when you’re on vacation! Standing barefoot on the dock beside the water, Jac moved through a series of exercises wearing a pink thong bikini and a white visor that kept the sun out of her eyes as she moved.

She did one minute of each exercise for four rounds per exercise. The exercises she did include push-ups, burpees, front squats, kettlebell swings, plank leg lifts, mountain climbers, skaters, high knees, and a jump squat, although she doesn’t do them all in that order in the video. At the end of the video, she flexes for the camera, showing off her bulging biceps and her toned core.

Instagram | Jac Cordeiro

A-Rod clearly liked her demonstration, dropping a fire emoji on the post. “Beast mode but watch those toes,” one fan commented. “Wait… hold up! Do I need a yacht or dock to do this?” another follower teased. Jac replied, “Absolutely not. This can be done anywhere.” A third fan gushed, “Training on vacation… that’s when you know it’s a lifestyle.”

“You have been an inspiration through my fitness journey,” another follower shared. “Bathing suit dock workouts – my fave!! And on vacation, even better! A-Rod has got quite the view,” another fan commented. “Wow get it boo!!!!! Ripped!!!!” another follower exclaimed. “Total dedication. Beautiful,” another fan added.

Jac Continues To Exercise While She’s On Vacation… In A Blue Bikini This Time!

In another Instagram video, Jac donned sunglasses and a strapless blue thong bikini as she did some yoga on the deck of her yacht. She did some yoga and some sun salutations before she began to work her core, doing crunches, side planks, and even a one-leg glute bridge before she started doing some more yoga with perfect form.

“Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react,” she wrote in the caption, along with the hashtags #takethedayoff, #vacationmode, and #goodmorning. A-Rod dropped another fire emoji on the post, prompting Jac to reply with a red heart emoji. “Gosh. A-Rod is so darn lucky,” one fan commented.

Jac Cordeiro works out in a blue bikini
Instagram | Jac Cordeiro

“The strength and body control is amazing. And what a backdrop!” another follower wrote. “This is such a beautiful way to connect your fitness with Mother Nature,” a third fan gushed. “Try Suryanamaskar. It has 12 poses and it’s Hindu yogic way of bowing down to the Sun god; tremendous health benefits due to stretch poses,” another follower suggested.

“Wow, I wish I can do that,” another fan shared. “What an amazing woman you are. I love the positive attitude that you pass on every day. I need a trainer … and a dietitian. Enjoy your trip,” another follower commented. “Shortly after I discovered your page, I said you would be one of the goats in your profession… you’re proving me right every day,” another fan chimed in.

Jac Cordeiro Is Rocking Her Leopard-Print Drawstring Bikini

In another Instagram video, Jac showed off her sexy side as she strutted toward the camera and then posed like a model before she walked away from the camera, making sure to sway her hips back and forth as she walked.

In the caption, she wrote, “Embrace the challenges that come your way, for they are the building blocks of your success,” along with the hashtags #challegneaccepted, #consistencyiskey, and @progressnotperfection. A-Rod dropped a red heart emoji on the post this time.

Jac Cordeiro is on the yacht in a bikini
Instagram | Jac Cordeiro

“You’re a great example of keeping strong and healthy,” one fan commented. “This is how it’s done people!” another follower exclaimed. “Girl – you got it going on! If ever perfection existed, you define it in more ways than one! (I always say that, because it’s so true) You are so perfectly proportioned! You go girl!” a third fan chimed in.

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