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Ahmo Hight was one of the first fitness models who enjoyed great success during her career.

Fitness model Ahmo Hight passed away at 50 years old on Tuesday morning, August 29th, 2023. Hight enjoyed a successful career as a bodybuilding competitor and as one of the very first fitness models – featured on many magazine covers including Ironman Magazine. Pro bodybuilder Chris Cormier, who raised a son with Hight, confirmed the news of her passing with Generation Iron.

While exact cause of death has not yet been disclosed, Ahmo Hight suffered an injury as she was exiting a marketplace. Ahmo seemingly slipped, fell and hit her head. Despite the injury, Hight did not go to the hospital following her fall. On Tuesday morning, Hight woke up without an appetite before going back to sleep. Shortly after she passed away around 9 a.m. Medical professionals believe that the likely cause of death was a blood clot caused by the initial injury.

Ahmo Hight enjoyed fitness and athletics from a young age. She was raised in a small town called Cloquet in Minnesota where she fell in love with gymnastics. This provided an opportunity for Hight to show off her incredible skill and develop a training routine.

The Career of Ahmo Hight

Ahmo Hight trained in gymnastics everyday after school and was able to build an impressive physique to compete on stage. She was featured in a 1996 edition of Ironman magazine where she was able to discuss this lifestyle at an early age.

“We trained everyday after school. It was more [like] family. The training was so much more elite there than what I was doing at the local community gym. I responded to that kind of training.”

Hight rose to prominence in 1994 after winning the Ms. Fitness USA in the Western States Division tournament and Ms. Fit Body Bay Area. This jumpstarted her career in modeling for different fitness magazines.

Photo courtesy of Chris Cormier

Ahmo Hight’s impact on the fitness model industry

Ahmo Hight was one of the first models to focus on fitness – essentially dubbed the first fitness model. Combining her incredible beauty with an impressive physique, Hight helped kickstart a focus on physical fitness within the female space.

Fitness modeling then grew into an entire industry – with many magazines including the likes of Flex, Sports Illustrated, and more providing a wide variety of covers to female fitness models. Fast forward to today and you can still see the impact on social media. Fitness influencers are massively popular on apps like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

As her career as a model took off, Hight also began acting. She was featured in many cable films along with appearing on certain reality shows. This includes VH1’s “Real Chance Of Love” and “I Love Money.”

Ahmo Hight found success in many avenues due to her incredible talent and determination in the fitness world. Generation Iron sends condolences to family and friends of Ahmo Hight during this time.

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