Elevate Fitness has created a single new and improved location in downtown Trail.

The training and fitness centre has moved out of its location on Farwell St. and, as of June 23, has concentrated its business at its 1430 Cedar Ave. location, aka the former Zellers building.

Elevate partner and fitness trainer Chris Derochie says the move just makes sense.

“It’s been good,” said Derochie. “This is huge, there is so much space, and the way that it is set up distributes people pretty well. We’ve had athletes who have been in the gym, and it’s been super busy, and it seems to all function pretty smooth.”

To accommodate their various programs and activities, Elevate installed a wall in the massive 10,000 square foot facility to create an additional large space to hold its group training functional fitness programs.

They have also installed a “Rig”, a large apparatus which can accommodate several people training at the same time.

“I’ve had 20 people back here for a session, that is pushing it but 16 is totally doable.”

Derochie joined the Elevate team, and partners Andrew Van der Hamm and Dallas Calvin, in August of last year. Elevate also runs a gym in Rossland on Washington Ave. that they purchased from Better Life Fitness. about the same time Derochie joined the team.

“We’ve taken some big steps, and feel like we have matured in a lot of ways,” said Derochie. “This was obviously a big move that took a lot of thought and planning, but now that it’s up and running it seems like people are very happy, and puts us in a better position to focus our resources.”

Both Elevate locations provide a number of fitness programs and classes for all ages and fitness levels including strength training, spin classes, specific training for athletes, hustle, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching, and functional strength training, which maximizes caloric burn through a mixture of resistance based training and high intensity interval circuits. There are no prerequisites and the exercises are scalable for all fitness levels and experience.

“It has everything you need from a training perspective,” added Derochie. “It’s a high end service, in that it’s nice to be able to offer not only the equipment, but the coaching, the classes, the personal training, everything you would expect in a big city.”

For those new to the Gym, email [email protected] to set up a free strategy meeting, or visit during staffed hours Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Or go online at elevate-sport.ca for more info.

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