The gyms on campus might all be just about the same in form and function, but ask anyone about their opinions on the White Building over the IM Building, and they’ll give you 30 reasons why they prefer one over the other. The vibes in each building differ substantially and attract different members of the Penn State public accordingly.

To celebrate and document the differences in each location, we personified each and thought of what the gym would listen to if it had a designated playlist. What are the IM Building’s favorite songs? What track takes the Hepper Fitness Center to the next level?

At just over an hour each and meant to be played in order, use these playlists as your guide to the on-campus gyms and get in the headspace to conquer your workout in each one.

White Building

The White Building likes to have a good time. It invites patrons to stroll down the steps to the dance floor and just go for it.

It’s a head nodder, toe-tapper, and shoulder swayer. The White Building is always lifting to the rhythmic beat of a drum machine. It lets the soaring leads and chirpy mids of a synthesizer push it step after step on the treadmill, and it uses each track’s powerful drop to get that extra boost when going the extra mile.

The White Building’s playlist is filled with those songs you can’t help but move your body to. “Escape” by Kx5 and “Symphony” by Clean Bandit are familiar favorites that get the energy up.

When you need that rumbling bass to push you through a set, “The Answer” by Anyma and “you look lonely” by Aaron Hibell have your back. Sprinkle in a few droning, driving, infectious anthems to keep you engaged and entertained like “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz, and you’ll be grooving through even the hardest of sets.

So, if you’re trying to synchronize your pulse and dance through your workout like those in the White Building, try this playlist.

Hepper Fitness Center

Hepper is a grinder. Hepper is driven. Hepper has an axe to grind.

Whether you’re there at the crack of dawn, between your classes, or late at night, the place is filled with people on a mission… or at least they look like they are. It’s the gym on campus that sweats the details, turns up its headphones, and picks heavy things up.

Starting out heavy, the playlist winds from hard rock and light metal in “Blind” by Korn and Saosin’s “Collapse” to punky vibes like “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys and Mutemath’s “Typical.”

Finally, we finish with light, fun, but still hardcore bangers in “Medication” by Webbed Wing and “Warbrain” by Alkaline Trio. For that extra kick you need in the middle of your workout, Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” is hidden somewhere throughout. It’s corny and definitely overkill, but listening to this stuff adds at least five pounds to your max, trust me.

So, for those of you committed to joining the Hepper Center in the war on gravity, this playlist is for you.

IM Building

The IM Building is bustling. It’s busy, big, and has fancy blue lights. It’s fresh out of high school, finally has a free gym membership, and is putting all its newfound freedom into getting swole after English 15.

OK, that’s a little specific, but we’ve all been there. Nonetheless, it’s a vibe and a half to catch the energy of those around you and tune into that underclassman frequency.

Navigating the latest and greatest in hip hop from Drake’s new “IDGAF” with Yeat and “FE!N” by Travis Scott and Playboi Carti, it’s sure to get your earbuds rocking. Lock in with the dreamy beat behind “Seeing Green” on Nicky Minaj’s “Beam Me Up Scotty.” Otherwise have a great time banging “DOGTOOTH” by Tyler, The Creator or Ice Spice’s “Deli” and just move weights around. This one’s a little longer than the rest, though, you’re probably going to be there a while.

For the after-class, pre-dining-hall-buffet lifters across campus, this playlist is for you.

Jack is a junior industrial engineering major from Pittsburgh, PA. Sometimes, he enjoys the misunderstanding of his friends and family that Penn State Club Ski Racing may be a D1 sport and usually won’t correct them. Jack is way too into Thundercat for his own good. Follow him on Twitter @joscottIV and Instagram @jackscott._iv

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