Many Americans choose to spend the Fourth of July at gatherings with friends and family where they celebrate the nation’s independence.

Those celebrating the holiday also tend to fill up with barbecued food and libations, but the health-conscious may also want to work in a few reps at the gym. Fortunately, anyone looking to exercise on Independence Day will likely have no trouble finding a fitness center open.

Below is a guide to which gyms are expected to be open on July 4. However, be advised that many gyms within chains are managed independently and therefore have operating hours and holiday hours that vary by location. Be sure to check with your local gym for its exact hours.

Looking for a workout during your Fourth of July celebrations? Some fitness centers are expected to be open.
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24 Hour Fitness: Many locations are open 24 hours a day, as the name suggests, and these hours should still apply to Independence Day. The company’s website offers a “club finder” feature, which can be used to help verify if your local center will be open.

Anytime Fitness: July 4 hours are not listed online for this chain, but as with 24 Hour Fitness, most locations are open around the clock. Also like 24 Hour Fitness, the company’s website features a search tool to help you find your local club’s hours.

Crunch Fitness: Hours vary by location, and many of these clubs observe the holidays. Your local Crunch Fitness may be open, but check that it’s not closing early if you’re planning a post-lunch workout.

Curves: Since these female-focused centers are part of a franchise brand, management at each location sets the opening hours. Check ahead for more information, which can be done online.

Equinox Fitness: This gym also has hours that are dependent upon location, but many sites will likely be open. However, the Fourth of July will likely affect hours, so check ahead.

Gold’s Gym: Originally seen as fitness centers catering to bodybuilders, these gyms now offer cardio machines and exercise classes like the chain’s competitors. But since it’s a franchise, local management determines opening hours, so call ahead before visiting.

LA Fitness: These gyms are scheduled to be open Tuesday, but you should still look up the hours at your desired location. Like most centers on this list, the company offers a handy locator that can be used to find opening hours.

Orangetheory Fitness: This boutique fitness center advertises a “total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out.” To find your local club’s hours, follow this link.

Planet Fitness: A “gym finder” option on the Planet Fitness website is also recommended for this popular company because—being another franchise—hours are not standard for all locations.

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