This is one in a series of stories about people who are impacted by Greater Midland and its programs across Midland County.  

June 26, 2020, is a day I’ll never forget.

What began as a typical commute to work ended with a rescue mission from the Beaver Township Fire Department, followed by a critical ambulance ride to the University of Michigan hospital in a desperate attempt to save my leg.

The multiple injuries I sustained in that life-changing accident left me unsure of my future. After spending nine weeks in Ann Arbor, I came home in a wheelchair. Over the next three years, I underwent six surgical procedures, was in and out of the hospital, gained 100 pounds, and lost most of my muscle mass and strength.

All of this put me on the other side of my career. I had been a nurse. Now, I was a patient.

One thing I knew from my time as a healthcare provider: I had to have a plan. After a much-needed pep talk and a burst of motivation, I went to the Greater Midland Community Center.

I rolled into the center with my Dad, who patiently drove me everywhere I needed to go. The Welcome Center staff enthusiastically greeted me and directed me to the Wellness Center for a personal training consult. Here, the plan I was looking for took shape.

Over the next several months, I worked on regaining balance and improving the strength in my leg. I have lost weight and am now walking with more confidence. Empowered by my own determination and help from my Greater Midland Wellness personal trainer, I have returned to work a few days a week for five-hour shifts.

I leave work feeling great, rather than in pain, weak and defeated. Now, I look forward to continuing my road to recovery, with help from the Greater Midland Community Center.

Amanda Boyat, a dedicated nurse, is working to gain her momentum back after a life-changing accident. She has enjoyed working with Greater Midland personal trainers to get back on her feet and back to the profession she loves.

Greater Midland promotes vitality and builds belonging through recreation, wellness and social services that encourage the lifelong pursuit of learning, personal fulfillment and good health. We respect differences and promote equality for all, offering programs and services that reflect the community’s needs. Founded in 1919, Greater Midland’s seven operating units have grown to include Midland Community Center, Coleman Family Center, Corporate Wellness, Curling Center, North-End Fitness Center, North Midland Family Center, and Tennis Center. We employ more than 500 people county-wide and positively impact an estimated 80% of City of Midland residents, with 60% of those living in Midland County.

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