Dwayne Johnson is one of the most ambitious and fittest action superstars in the industry at the moment. Despite having an impressive physique, the American actor once revealed that he does not skip gym irrespective of his busy schedule and the movie he is filming. In fact, Johnson thinks that going to the gym is his ‘anchor‘ and prepares him for the rest of his day ahead.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson also once took to his Instagram to thank his crew for moving around his 40,000 pounds of workout equipment wherever he goes to film the movies.

Dwayne Johnson thanks his crew for moving his whole workout equipment

Dwayne Johnson once took to his Instagram to thank his crew for moving his private gym which consists of 40,000 pounds of workout equipment to Vancouver while he was filming for the movie, Skyscraper. The American actor talked about how he will go to Hawaii from there to film for another movie, Jungle Cruise and his crew will move his workout equipment to Hawaii as well. He said,

“Here’s my last day of shooting Skyscraper in Vancouver. It has been an incredible experience. I love this city. I love the people. Thank you so much for opening your arms to me and treating me like your son. One of the anchors that makes the experience so special is, every morning I wake up at 5 am and come to my Iron Paradise. This is my traveling carnival, my traveling circus.”

He continued:

There’s over 40,000 pounds of twister steel and heartache, a lot of heartache, mainly my own. Message of gratitude to the small group who sets this gym up every location I go to. The next location will be Hawaii where we shoot Jungle Cruise but this is a lot of sh*t to move around and set up” 

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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The Black Adam actor talks about how he isn’t comfortable in public gyms anymore

Dwayne Johnson once appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and was asked about his private moving gym by the guest host, Bryan Cranston. The American actor opened up about his personal gym and revealed he doesn’t want to make any excuses for skipping his workout and because of his massive stardom, he is unable to workout properly in public gyms.

He said, “Training in a public gym became too much of a zoo so everywhere I go including Hawai.” Jack Black was also present as a guest on the episode and teased the Fast & Furious actor and asked, “You don’t go to 24-hour fitness?” Johnson replied,

“Me and 24-hour-fitness turned into this circus so I stopped that. So, I figured the easiest thing to do was create a gym and make sure it travels with me everywhere I go because then it eliminates excuses.”

Dwayne Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Jack Black
Dwayne Johnson, Bryan Cranston, and Jack Black

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Dwayne Johnson’s dedication to his physique is definitely surreal and that does explain why he is so fit and exceptional in action roles.

Source: Instagram and The Late Late Show with James Corden

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